Japandi: A Unique Fusion for a Purposeful Home Makeover

If you’ve ever wondered what the marriage between two distant cultures’ designs would look like, feast your eyes on the “East meets West” Japandi trend: the marriage of Japanese and Scandi minimalist interior designs. You can also find it under names like Scandinese, and Nordic Zen.

Scandinavian TV Units

Though we have to admit, we live in a rather clutter-prone world, somehow, people’s fascination with these two separate styles has pervaded worldwide, resulting in a frenzy over the junction of the two.

The reason this fusion makes for the perfect home makeover decor stems from the fact it brings out the best of both Japanese and Scandi styles. One would think we’ve had enough of minimalism over the years, but the warmth Japandi can fill up homes with goes to show why it’s become the leading trend of the year.

So, how do you introduce the blend of East’s “Wabi Sabi” (beauty in imperfection) and West’s raw, clean lines, and outstanding craftsmanship into your interior decor? By welcoming the breeze of change of raw, and solid wood in designs like the timber Scandinavian TV units in aesthetically pleasing patina, and marrying them with the imperfect yet stylish raku finished ceramics.

Apart from getting Scandinavian TV units, feel free to surround yourself with more handcrafted natural timber furniture pieces, preferably low to the ground (think coffee tables, and sofas!), either in dark or pale shades, or a bold mix of both; just remember not to go overboard with decoration since Japandi is all about simplicity. Clutter is a definite no-no, as this style urges for unobstructed energy flow.

Though the dominating colours of the fusion are subdued, neutral ones, in the likes of cool grey, there’s still the chance to spice it up with a splash of accent colours allowed by the Scandi influence, like the soft pinks, baby blues, and minty greens in fabrics of cushions, upholstery, or art pieces (nothing too colourful though).

You also have the chance to take up on the Japanese influence and let a variety of natural materials in, from jute, and cork, to concrete when you want to make a statement. That can be in the form of wall pieces, and planters, taking into account plants make the perfect decorating details in this style.

As the focus of Japandi goes to all-things simple, elegant, and earthy, providing functionality and aesthetics with ease, you can count this trend is here to stay, as it’s going to turn timeless.