Pet’s Place: Traveling Abroad With Your Pet Got a Little Easier

When it comes to traveling with animals, there are a lot of misconceptions. While you might not be allowed to travel with your pet bat or civet, traveling with your cat or dog is not as complicated as many claim it to be. However, you will need to do some planning first.

Pet Transport

There are different regulations and rules that apply to animals, in general, being transported to other countries, and many of these will largely depend on which country are you traveling to (different countries have different requirements). Understanding exactly what the requirements are in the country that you will be visiting is important because, unfortunately, some countries do not allow the entry of foreign pets and some may require a quarantine process of up to several months. Traveling with more than one pet can also be a challenge, so you should also check if there is a limit to the number of pets you can bring with you.

While you can check all these requirements yourself, for your convenience and a peace of mind, it’s best you contact a pet transport service. Pet transport services are always up-to-date with paperwork requirements related to traveling with pets regardless of your destination, and have the experience to guarantee no problems or delays are experienced by your pet.

In addition to paperwork, many countries have their own specific requirements regarding vaccinations. These requirements may extend not only to which vaccinations your pet may need to take before entering the country, but also when to take them. Once again, a pet transport service will be familiar with these rules and will be able to take care of each requirement for you, ensuring an efficient transportation process.

Airline companies also have their own unique rules about pet travel, including the design, style and size of caging allowed. So, before you try to transport your pet on your own, know that you may end up having to spend a great amount of time discussing with different airlines to find out the right shipper. Pet transport companies already know all these various rules and also have all the required equipment available to use.

And if you are traveling with small children, one of the benefits of using a pet transport service is that your pet can travel separately from you. It will be easier for everyone – while you will be giving your little ones the attention they need, experts will be giving your pet the right attention it needs for a comfortable, fear-free travel experience.