The Purpose of Contemporary Outdoor Seating – Create Your Ideal Chill Zone

Now that summer has finally arrived, it’s time for you to get outside and enjoy your outdoor oasis. Warm weather calls for outdoor entertaining of all kinds, from low-key weekday dinners to midsummer night cocktail parties. For these events, outdoor seating can make a world of difference between a celebration that soars and one that sucks. After all, you know how bulky or poorly arranged pieces of furniture can hinder conversation, obstruct movement and make hosting cumbersome.

designer outdoor chair1

However, that shouldn’t be your case. Especially not if you take the time to properly plan your outdoor seating area. For instance, a banquette strewn with colorful cushions, a daybed repurposed as a chaise, a lounge chair suspended from the ceiling and simple contemporary outdoor seating that steals the show with its uniqueness. These displays are more than just seating options – they make clever use of your outdoor space, create intimacy, and are real conversation starters in their own right. So come on, pull up a seat, sit down and enjoy all the sunshine summer has to offer.

contemporary outdoor seating2

However small or big your garden and whatever your taste and budget may be, dividing your seating and dining area is a great idea. Since nowadays gardens are being used more as outdoor dining areas, it is easy to create distinct seating areas, even if you are dealing with a smaller outdoor space. Therefore, if you love eating and entertaining, dedicate one area to outdoor dining and another to chilling. All you really need is a nice set of contemporary outdoor seating for alfresco meals.

contemporary outdoor seating1

Garden chairs come in a range of styles for comfort, beauty, and sophistication, with an array of color options to add style to your space. Look for chairs that are made to stand up to harsh outdoor conditions, have been galvanized or are UV resistant in order to prevent fading and corrosion. If you have set your heart on aluminum chairs, find models that won’t get hot even when placed in direct sunlight, as we all know how scorching hot Australian sun can be.

Instead of chairs, you can also add a bench set. That way you can move your furniture around however you want to catch the sun. These come in a variety of prices and styles, with the most popular ones being solid teak bench seating models. To divide your space, you can use planters or low beds filled with scented plants. You can also use evergreens for structure and to create a beautiful oasis that will thrive year ’round. For the more casual area meant for soaking up the sun, you can add beanbags, chaise lounges or whatever type of furniture that’s most appealing to you.