Purposeful Home Makeover: Enhancing the Curb Appeal

Even though we might want to believe otherwise, first impressions matter; always have, always will. This goes from meeting new people, to getting the picture of someone’s home. When you look at your home, and try to rate it with the impressions it leaves on others, be honest. The home’s exterior can speak volumes about the home’s interior. If you think it could do with a bit of makeover, you’re in for an even bigger treat, as its value would significantly increase too. This also makes it ideal if you ever plan on selling your property.

So, how can you play the game of adding curb appeal to your home? You can start from something as small and significant as stainless steel letter boxes. Like it or not, letter boxes are here to stay for quite some time, and apart from their utilitarian role, they too have one with aesthetics. You’d be surprised how much the addition of an eye-catching letter box can make your home stand out.


Stainless steel letter boxes can provide you with plenty of choice in where you can place them (e.g. wall, fence, pathway), and how you can further customise them with engravings. Getting letter boxes made of high quality materials, precision fabricated, and carefully coated, can ensure your purchase would stand the test of time with its appearance, and anti-corrosion properties.

Just imagine seeing a corroded mailbox attached to someone’s home, and you immediately get a bad image about the place. Speaking of which, unsightly front door, and garage door, are bound to give you the same impression, so don’t forget to give your doors some paint job refreshment too. When it comes to refreshment, it’s important to primarily give your home’s exterior a nice bath to prep it for painting, meticulously washing away dirt, grunge, and mildew that easily find their way on wood, cement, metal, and brick features.

Likewise, the roof can say a lot about a home. Give your roof the well deserved maintenance every now and then, replace missing or curled shingles, and make sure it never looks shabby. The same goes for your fence, that is if you have it; if you don’t, make sure you add it – it gives a nice visual touch to your home’s appearance.

Apart from the necessary maintenance, washing, and painting, you could add a bit of colour (and lovely scent) to spice things up, in the form of plants. Plant some jaw-dropping tulips along the pathway, plant some berry shrubs by the porch, and prepare to be amazed.