Quiet Wine Refrigerator: Purposeful Storing and Ageing Wine

Let’s just admit, wine has conquered the world, and it’s nothing new. Ever since the dawn of time, people have been passionate about wine, and nowadays thanks to technology and the ingenuity of the design of a quiet wine refrigerator, we can make our wine collection dreams come true.

The history of wine takes us to Armenia, being considered the country where the oldest winery was founded dating back to 4100 BC, then all the way to ancient Egyptians and their wine-based ceremonies, and Phoenicians using it in their trade, later introducing it to the Mediterranean. It was then the spreading of Christianity that further enhanced the spreading of fascination with wine, being part of the sacrament.


Fast forward to today, the fascination still hasn’t faded, and wine has become part of all our celebrations, get-togethers with family and friends, and quiet family dinners after long days at work. Apart from providing us with divine tastes, spicing our meals, wine helps us relax, and many scientists have already backed studies showing wine’s health benefits, nothing exceeding a glass a day though.

Taking this into account, the dream of every wine lover is to have their own bottles of wine sorted, store, and aged, and that’s where a quiet wine refrigerator comes in handy. Designed with quiet operation (36-40db), thanks to its reliable compressor, and optimal front venting system with quiet 12V fans, this sort of refrigerator makes for perfect use indoors, just about anywhere, including under bench tops.

The reason the wine refrigerator makes for an ideal wine storing and ageing solution, even more than a cellar, is because of the constant temperature, much more advanced than wine cellar cooling units. Keeping the wine away from sunlight, in a refrigerator with an electronic digital display controller, you can count on getting top-notch quality aged wine that wouldn’t even give you an increase in energy bills.

Apart from chilly constant temperatures, and lack of dim light, another aspect for perfectly ageing wine is high humidity, which is something refrigerators can also take care of, thanks to their air filter, self-evaporating drip tray system to eliminate excess water, as well as the specialised glass that helps decrease condensation. Of course, there’s also the fact a refrigerator wouldn’t break your bank as much as a cellar would, as it doesn’t require any home makeovers, and is durable, so it’s quite the investment.

A word of advice is, if you want to get the results you hope for, make sure you choose your wines wisely because they’re not all made for ageing. Do your homework, pick the wines suitable for ageing, in the likes of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Riesling, and get yourself a quiet wine fridge.