The Dual Purpose of Pendant Lights – Decorative and Task

Practical, stylish and versatile, pendant lights are designed to deliver elegance and function to any home setting. Their unique design makes them ideal for creating a wonderfully layered lighting scheme that can set the ambience and make your home a comfortable and inviting retreat for spending beautiful moments with family and friends. Pendant light fixtures can feature various types of bulbs including incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, but the most commonly used are those that feature LED bulbs to provide a bright and evenly distributed illumination.

pendant Led lighting

Consuming less energy than other types of lights, while at the same time providing a full spectrum of colours and styles, pendant Led lighting can render your lighting scheme purposeful in two different ways. It can serve as practical task lighting, all while creating the prefect opportunity for adding a decorative flare to your living space. Pendant lights are also known as suspended lights since they are designed to be suspended from the ceiling using special rods or chains. Proper placement and the right number of lights are the most important things to consider before including pendants in your lighting plan.

Where you install your pendant Led lighting would very much depend on the effect you want to achieve. If you want your lights to have a decorative purpose, then it’s best to install them above prominent décor elements in your home, such as a gorgeous art piece, a unique sculpture or a beautifully crafted piece of furniture. Pendants that have the purpose to deliver practical task lighting should be installed overhead, so they can cast focused light on areas such as kitchen islands, desks, sofas and beds. Decorative pendants serve to provide soft and pleasant light that further enhances the beauty of your interior design. Pendant task lights, on the other hand, serve a practical purpose and should therefore provide bright and more intense light that allows you to see clearly while doing different chores around the house like cooking, cleaning, reading, writing, etc.

The number of pendants you will include in your lighting design will have a major influence on the look and feel of your living space. Avoid installing too many pendants in a room since they will not only produce harsh light, that reflects unpleasant and unwelcoming vibes, but can also overwhelm the space and ruin the look of your interior design. I would suggest a group of three or four pendants that can act as chic décor elements and serve the practical purpose of providing illumination. You can even use a single pendant light that you can hang above your coffee table, for instance, and create a nice place for relaxation and entertainment.