The Purpose and Benefits of Marquees

Marquees are the new craze when it comes to finding the perfect venue for corporate parties, product launches or any kind of business fairs. They offer many benefits that can easily convince you that you should consider hiring a marquee rather than having the event in a hotel or resort. Let’s look through some of the most important ones.

  • Location Variety

Once you decide to opt for commercial marquees, you can easily choose your location to perfectly fit your plans. You have the freedom to choose pretty much anything – the countryside, the beach, or any other open setting you like.

  • Enough Room

When you are planning some kind of corporate event, usually the most difficult part is finding a place that can comfortably accommodate a larger number of guests. Having said that, commercial marquees can also save the day as they offer the possibility to plan the number of guests as you wish since not only do they offer a lot of space, but you can even merge two or more marquees if you need to accommodate more people.

  • Privacy

In cases when events are organized in hotels or resorts, you can encounter people that are from different parties, as most venues like that organize two or three events during one same night. You can easily avoid that and have the luxury of privacy by simply hiring a marquee. Additionally, your event can go late into the night. Hotels or resorts have strict working hours, whereas hired marquees don’t. You are the one deciding how long you want your event to last.

  • Personal Touch

Marquees are like a blank canvas, which means that you can easily apply your own preferences in the form of themes, colours, decorations, and your own furniture. This gives you the opportunity to be your own designer, if that is what you wish, and create a bespoke setting for your event. Moreover, you can hand-pick the style and size of the chairs and tables being used for your event.

  • Nature as an Ally

In instances when the event is held in the daytime, natural light can be an additional key element for creating an optimal atmosphere. And, if the weather is warm, you can roll up the sides of the marquees and enjoy the warm breeze and the sight of greenery. You can create your own vibe, while in other venues the atmosphere is already set up for you.