Beyond Purpose: There’s More to Push Scooters Than Being a Fun Ride

With summer being just behind the corner, the reasons to go outside and compete in some fun outdoor activities have significantly increased. If you’re looking for new ways to get around town while getting some exercise – look no more, push scooters are here to the rescue! Regardless whether you need one for yourself or your kids, there are types and models that can accommodate everyone.

You can find push scooters online and in skate shops, and browse through the vast array of models available to find the one that will fit you. Besides, there are many reasons and purposes why you should ride a scooter instead of a fuel operated vehicle.


Push scooting is a natural movement that can easily be handled by everyone, both kids and adults. If you’re tired of your push scooter, just jump from it and start walking while conveniently carrying it by your side. They are not heavyweight and most of them have convenient closing mechanisms. Furthermore, avoid the nasty road traffic and just ride on the sidewalk.

Moreover, push scooters are healthy method of transport as they involve almost all of your body muscles. You activate both your upper and lower limbs, but also back and abdominal muscles. You’ll find amateur riders of all ages enjoying a ride in the park, or as a means of commuting around their town. It’s a very low-risk of injury type of transport and it is safe for people with vulnerable joints.

Instead of relying on cardio exercises like the treadmill or running, you can push a scooter and lose weight effectively in your thighs, hips, abdomen, waist and butt. One hour of active scooting can burn about 500 calories. That of course, is dependent on the intensity of the riding, but either way, it’s extremely fun!

Besides for your own good, it’s great for the environment as well. It’s a responsible approach to the environment and promotes a healthy lifestyle. It doesn’t pollute the air in any way, neither does it create much unnecessary noise. You can reach short destinations much faster with it than by foot. Plus, often times you’ll be able to arrive faster to your wanted destination by scooting, than by public transport. They’re extremely maneuverable and not as bulky as bicycles.

And lastly, they require close to zero maintenance. They are constructed from high quality parts, usually aluminium, and besides the occasional dusting, you don’t have to clean them or be afraid of having anything else besides a pair of wheels replaced for a long time.