Purposeful Home Makeover: Build Up a Home Theatre

Who doesn’t love to just sit back and relax, watching a film at the theatre, indulging in some crunchy popcorn? Just the thought of it sets me in the mood for it. However, with the busy lifestyles we have nowadays, it may not be possible to head out to your favourite cinema as often as you’d want to when there are plenty of excuses in the way, like the good ol’ staying late at work.

The way to make the most of the theatre experience, having the chance to enjoy it whenever you want, is by creating a home theatre. It may sound complicated, but it’s quite easy; start from finding the adequate room, then giving it some proper floor, ceiling, and wall insulation to keep the theatre sound in, away from other rooms. While you can turn soundproofing into a DIY project, in terms of sound system installation, it’s advisable to get the help of professionals.

Sound System Installation

With half of the theatre experience owing to the high def sound (the other half HDTV, and a video projector), you can’t let anything go amiss. Professionals, with years of experience, can help you detail out a plan for the best sound system installation for you and your home, inspecting your home, and taking your budget into account.

Then there’s also the thought regarding the location of the speakers, the area’s acoustics, as well as the cables, their adequate length, and how to conceal them in wall cavities.

Don’t forget lighting is part of the game too; it’s responsible for creating the right theatre atmosphere. To be able to have more control of setting the perfect lighting, all you have to do is include recessed lighting fixtures into the ceiling, of course, with a connection to an RF dimmer.

The seating is the last touch. Sure, you can use a comfy sofa you’re really fond of, but to get the real theatre experience, you should go for theatre-style seating. You’d be surprised of the wide range of seating you’d come across, from separate to joined two, three, or four chairs in a row, with features like comfortable upholstery, armrests, and cupholders. To provide ideal viewing, in case you get separate chairs, you should consider building a platform for the back row.

It may seem like hard work, but it’s bound to pay off. After all is taken care of, select the film, prepare the popcorn, and sit back enjoying your home theatre with your loved ones.