Camp Like a True Aussie: The Purpose of a Camping Swag

Aussies love outdoor activities. From fishing to hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing and hunting – you name it, most Aussies love them all. However, all these outdoor activities require you to lug around some special equipment. While carrying all this equipment is not hard on its own, the problem arises when you want to sleep over and need to bring a tent along.


Unfortunately, standard tents with poles can be a significant weight to carry around and are often complicated to set up. Just think about it, you need to find a smooth surface that’s soft enough to allow you to hammer your poles in, but also sturdy enough for those poles not to fall. For that reason, many Aussie outdoor enthusiasts find camping swags to be a much more suitable solution.

Instead of looking for a suitable spot to pitch a tent, a camping swag can be set up anywhere in an instant. This way you can have more time to spend doing the things that you went camping for in the first place, be that fishing or rock climbing. And when it’s time to sleep, you can just whip out your swag on the nearest flat-ish surface and voila – you’re good to go.

Although it’s much smaller, a camping swag is a lot more versatile than a tent. Because it can be easily moved around, you don’t need to stay located in a fixed spot, which means you’ll have more freedom to explore the outdoors. Additionally, you can also move your swag to remain under a comfortable shade. You know the feeling when you wake up in your tent and it feels like an oven due to the sun shining directly on it. Well, with a camping swag, you can quickly go back to your comfortable and cool sleep.

However, not all swags are equal. Just like buying a tent, there are several things to consider when choosing the right swag. First of all, you need to pay attention to the material. The best swags are usually made of high-quality ripstop canvas, which is at least 16mm thick or more. It’s especially important to choose ripstop canvas because it’s made with a special reinforcing technique which makes it resistant to tearing and ripping.

If you want to be able to comfortably camp in wet conditions or during rain, make sure that the canvas is waterproof and that the floor is made of waterproof PVC. Also, check whether its seams are properly sealed off to prevent potential rain from entering your swag. Sometimes you may need to weather your swag before you head out. This means getting the swag wet and letting it dry for a few times in order to make sure the stitches are sealed completely.