Children’s Balance Board The Must-Have Multi-Purpose Toy

Learning experience begins as soon as we are born. Knowing this, as parents, we want to provide our children with the best early on, but we shouldn’t confuse learning as something strictly for the mind since in the early days of childhood the actual learning happens through play.

balance board

The world of toys is vast, yet some toys are better than others in terms of the impact they have on the child’s development as a whole, and one such toy is the multi-purpose childrens balance board. It’s multi-purpose because it can be used to spin, flip, balance, push, and rock.

Made of FSC sustainable beech wood, with a natural or stain finish, this board provides infinite fun, allowing children to lie in it, balance, sit on it, or even use it as the home or shield for other toys, so it leads to imaginative play as well, and when they give it a break, parents can have their own share of fun, exercising balance, as the childrens balance board supports up to 200kg of weight or more.


At a first glance, you may not give balance much thought, however looking deeper to how it influences the cognitive and physical development, it deserves the attention. Known as the vestibular system, located in the inner ear, is our sense of balance that’s crucial for our body, connected to gravity and the world that surrounds us.

It’s also essential for the development of the sensory and motor development since when there is a problem with the vestibular system, you can expect there to be physical and psychological problems too.

The advice you should take from this is if you want your child to have awareness of the world around, interact with the senses, movements, coordinating hands, legs, the eyes, you have to provide plenty of vestibular system exercise through the balance board. This toy even comes in handy with children who have a sensory processing disorder.


Moreover, the board is the toy ideal both for the indoors and outdoors, so your child’s fun isn’t limited to the house. Some boards have a felt base to minimise the sound that the board movements can cause on hard floors.

Additional benefits you can expect to get is increase in the attention span, more flexibility, notion of the movements, how to position the legs and arms to avoid falling which also serves when you want to introduce children to skateboarding and surfing.