Combi Oven – The Multi-Purpose Appliance That Combines Fast, Healthy & Tasty

It’s no secret that diners have an impressive appetite for good food. Hence, running a restaurant is pretty much like putting on a good show. Every day. Is the food good? Does it give pleasure? – This is what matters to anyone involved in the food-service. It especially rings true for anyone who’s a chef. Yes, creating amazing dishes with the freshest ingredients is crucial to becoming successful but it’s not key.

As Anthony Bourdain put it “without new ideas, success can become stale.” Hence, in today’s world of challenging economy where society isn’t very good at waiting, staying open to new techniques is key to cooking up a successful business. The most recent game-changing piece of equipment in food-service operations has been the combi oven.


As the name implies, combi-ovens offer a combination of different cooking functions which brings about a number of benefits. To put it simply, you have the possibility to use three features in a single oven. First, you have the convection mode, which cooks the food by evenly distributing heat around and into the food. Then comes the steam mode, which makes the cooking of vegetables, potatoes and fish easier by creating a steam. And last but not least – the best and most useful feature of the combi oven is the combination mode, which uses both heat and steam.

Both heat and humidity play an important role when it comes to the cooking process. By using a combi oven, you prevent evaporation, which means preventing the food from drying out. Equally important is the fact that you do not need oil to heat your food, and for this reason, many people will have in mind your restaurant when choosing a healthy meal.

Next, people appreciate people who value their time. That being said, you need to make sure that your customers are not getting impatient while waiting. So, instead of running from one kitchen appliance to another, you can simply resort to a combi oven. What’s more, these trusty appliances provide the luxury of unmonitored cooking. This translates into furthermore saving time since with just a press of a button you can easily trust the oven to do its job and not spend precious time overlooking it. Another thing that makes the combi oven time-saving is that you can program it to cook more meals at once using the multiple modes.

Another thing that makes combi ovens a perfect choice for when time is of the essence are busy days and nights when reheating is everything. All you need to do is plan and prepare your meals in advance, and when the time comes, just let the combi-oven work its magic. The reheated meals will retain their quality and your restaurant its status.

Besides being time-saving, the combi-oven is one of the most energy-efficient kitchen appliances you can find on the market which means you can expect to notice a considerable drop in your electric and water bills. Furthermore, it also reduces water consumption and prevents heat loss. In the light of all these facts, when deciding on kitchen equipment, it is smart to take these ovens into consideration instead of wasting money on several different appliances which will cost you more money, space and precious time.