Electric Pallet Jacks: Types and Purpose

Having an efficient warehouse means having all the right equipment and handling tools. And nowadays, it seems that one of the most commonly used tools is the pallet jack. These handling tools are time-savvy, convenient, and easy to use. But the thing that makes them so popular is the fact that they can access hard to reach places that cannot be accessed with a forklift. The traditional, manual pallet jacks are the most basic truck option, with capacities ranging from 2270 – 2500kg. Coming in a range of sizes, manual pallet jacks are quite easy to use. Plus, there is no need for extensive training for their use.

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While manual jacks might seem like the ideal option on the market, manufacturers have managed to make everything easier and more accessible with the invention of electric pallet jacks. The main con of manual pallet jacks is the difficulty to move larger loads on longer distances, whereas electric jacks make everything easy.

What Is An Electric Pallet Jack?

Unlike manual jacks that need to be lifted, lowered and moved by hand, these jacks have an electric motor that can do all of this instead of you. In other words, electric powerlifters use power that is stored in a battery, helping you to lift, lower and move the pallet jack without any manual effort. The useful and modern electric pallet jack allows you to control the speed and it allows you to stop with ease whenever needed. The best thing of all is that you, the operator, won’t need a driver license for its use, only a license from a training course that can help you understand how it works.
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Being electrically powered, the pallet truck electric uses equipment that reduces strain while maximising productivity. The use of an electric jack pallet can replace several manual pallet jacks. While the initial cost might be bigger (when compared to buying a hand pallet truck), the truth is that in the long run, it really pays off investing in an electric one. Being able to carry more load while doing it with ease and without effort make electric truck jacks the most reasonable handling solution. So without saying, this is a long-term investment from which a business can benefit a lot. Plus, the physical injuries are reduced when compared to the use of a manual pallet truck.

Semi-Electric Pallet Truck

This pallet jack allows you to steer and use the jack with ease thanks to its power drive. Unlike the electric one, the semi-electric jack has a smaller turning radius. It also has the ability to stop whenever needed while also having speed-limiting functions. The thing that makes them different from the electric models is that semi-electric models don’t have a power lift, so you’ll have to manually pump the hydraulics in the handle in order to lift the load up. This certainly is not beneficial if you are an operator who has to move and lift a lot of loads on a daily basis.
Semi-Electric Pallet Truck

Simply put, semi-electric jacks are ideal for moving items around the warehouse and that’s about it. Their load capacity is usually around 1500kg, which is much lower than the one of electric jacks which is around 2700kg or even more, depending on the model.

Heavy-Duty Electric Jack

As the name implies, these electric jacks are ideal for heavy-duty and long-distance tasks. Unlike semi-electric and electric jacks, heavy-duty ones are a more improved version with lots of different safety features. The load capacity of these jacks starts from 2000kg which speaks volumes about their efficiency. A jack of this kind also has an emergency stop button, a suspension for smoother operation across larger areas, and an anti-rollback function on inclines in order to prevent slipping.
Heavy-Duty Electric jack

How to Maintain Electric Pallet Jacks?

Giving the fact that these jacks have a motor, regular maintenance is needed for impeccable performance. Fortunately, maintenance is relatively straightforward, and you only have to pay attention to a few moving parts. Generally speaking, such maintenance includes:

  • Using maintenance-free batteries which are sealed and don’t need to be checked or added to the terminals.
  • Avoid charging the batteries frequently. Instead, allow them to drain completely and charge them to the fullest.
  • Regularly check the tyres for any cracks, ships and damages. In case there are some irregularities, replacing the tyres with new ones will be needed.
  • Use the pallets jacks on smooth and even surfaces. Otherwise, you risk damaging the pivots.
  • Check the floor regularly for any damages or unevenness in order to improve the jack’s overall performance.
  • Never operate the jacket in rain or leave the jack outside in the rain.
  • Make a habit of lubricating the steering joints every 6 months in order to improve their performance.