Entertaining Outdoors: Teak Furniture Makes for Purposeful Makeover

We Aussies love the outdoors, there’s no doubt about it. One can see that from our favourite type of holidays (camping), to our preferred sports (surfing, and all watersports in general for that matter!). And how can we not, having the enviable climate that we do, right?

In this aspect, when we don’t have the chance to travel to get to know more of the surprises nature has in store for us, we still stay at one with it at our outdoor spaces. We simply have an affair with outdoor living, so it’s not surprising we love our gardens, patios, and decks as much as we do. Having this in mind, we enjoy entertaining outdoors, throwing parties, preparing BBQ, serving drinks, year round, which is why when looking for the type of furniture suitable for every season, the usual choice is timber outdoor furniture, particularly teak.

Timber Outdoor Furniture

Why teak? The fact its usage in shipbuilding goes all the way to the Medieval Era should be proof enough that it’s a timber that’s the embodiment of durability. The purchase of outdoor furniture is quite the investment, and as such it’s in everyone’s interest to find something that would withstand the test of time, and the weather conditions. Thanks to these properties there’s neither deterioration nor rusting even when there are metal elements in the design.

Teak as the superior material when it comes to options of timber outdoor furniture is such due to its natural oils and resins, making it capable of repelling water equally as repelling timber pests, as are termites. What this means is you wouldn’t have to do a great deal of maintenance with this type of furniture since there’s no need for adding varnish, or painting it. With teak you also wouldn’t have to worry about the effects of weathering as the ageing process of this timber results in a beautiful patina from the original honey brown.

Now it’s not difficult to see why teak furniture is considered timeless, and it’s as popular as ever as it was since the 50s of the previous century. With the chance to purchase online nowadays, it’s easy to find a variety of models that don’t just impress with their design, and style, but eco-friendliness as well, and the option to have them delivered home with just a click is more than appealing. The point of the post is if you want to make for great outdoor entertaining, and a grand outdoor makeover, opt for teak furniture.