Entertaining: What Makes Marquees and Gazebos Purposeful?

Organising an event can be a hassle, especially when you have many aspects to consider. Will there be enough room to accommodate everyone for the event? Will the venue of choice be available? Will it be possible to rent all of it? Will there be enough budget to cover it up?


These are some of the questions that might arise, but thankfully you can easily avoid them and the stress they bring about by opting for marquee gazebos. Since they’re available in a wide range, you have the chance to choose based on design, materials, size as well as the price so whatever your preferences and needs are, you’re sure to find just the right marquee or gazebo.

The fact they have a design built for entertaining makes them suitable for all sorts of events and celebrations. Depending on whether you’re looking for a permanent, fixed structure or portable, you can also find the proper marquee gazebos for the job.

Though they are used interchangeably sometimes, the two terms, marquee and gazebo, differ in terms of size with marquee being bigger than gazebo, and closed as opposed to the open structure of the gazebo, however, latest designs of marquees allow for more openness in their design with the sliding system of side walls.

If you’re wondering about the size, there are marquees that can fit up to 600 people, and even if you get smaller ones you can easily combine two for example and get the space you require which isn’t something you can accomplish with restaurants, resorts or hotels.

In other words, with these two options you have much more flexibility and can decide on the open or closed space depending on the weather and the atmosphere you want to create. There’s also more flexibility in terms of decoration, lighting and sound equipment which makes them the venues perfect for any occasion.

Likewise, there’s the aspect of luxuriousness so if you’re up for something that would speak opulence without spending too much effort in creating it get a larger marquee big enough to fit even a swimming pool. If on the other hand you’re interested in something more intimate, small marquee or gazebo would do.

When you think about the lower costs of gazebos and marquees as opposed to hotels, and the bigger budget you’d have to decorate them minus having to do so at the expense of privacy or timing for that matter, you have to admit these structures more than serve their purpose.