The Essential Snowboarding Supplies for Your Next Adventure and Their Purpose


There’s nothing better than sliding down white slopes and breathing in fresh air while enjoying the view in front of you. However, in order to be safe and well-protected while doing that, it is of the essence to be equipped with all the right pieces of snowboarding equipment. Although there are many items that are ‘preferable’ to have, the ones that you absolutely must have are the following.



Getting a board is more than obvious but getting the right type of board is what actually matters the most. Since the board will allow you to cruise down and around trees, having the right one will make your snowboarding experience much more pleasant. The important things to bear in mind when choosing one from a snowboarding supplies store are your style of riding, your ability level as well as the conditions in which you intend to adventure.



Goggles are designed to protect your eyes but they are also made to enhance your viewing experience. And just like with most other snowboarding supplies, you have various options when choosing snowboarding goggles. Amber or yellow lenses will add more contrast and filter out blue light while rose lenses will help you see better in hazy or overcast days. Although not used as much, clear lenses do exist and are used when there isn’t a lot of light hitting your visor.



Snowboarding (snow) boots are made not only to protect your feet from the elements but to provide enough comfort and a convenient lacing system as well. When shopping for your ideal pair, look for boots that are one size bigger than your standard shoe size as they tend to fit a bit tighter and you want to have a bit of extra room by the toes so that your feet do not become swollen and tender.



When it comes to bindings, you can choose from five basic types: strap snowboard bindings, step-in snowboard bindings, flow-in snowboard bindings, plate snowboard bindings, and baseless snowboard bindings. They’re all different in their way but the most popular ones are strap snowboard bindings. They are the most convenient and easiest to get on and off and they’re also the most affordable type.



As is the case with many other sports, wearing a helmet is a must when snowboarding. It will keep you well protected and safe from crashing on snow or ice. trees, or any other object you will come across out there on the slopes.



No matter how cold it is wearing gloves is a must as they won’t only keep your hands warm, but they will also keep them safe from any lacerations. Many people prefer Gore-Tex gloves as they are made of a material that is insulative but yet breathable, and they also come in a variant with rubber fingertips.