Every Purpose Behind Baby Sleep Bags

If you are a new parent, you may be curious regarding all the fuss about baby sleep bags and wondering if you should get one for your baby too. Baby sleep bags have become incredibly popular with parents all over the world and for a great reason too – they help prevent the risk of SIDS and help babies sleep better in general.

Initially, a baby sleep bag was designed to prevent babies from accidentally covering their heads when wriggling and squirming at night. But because it also prevents babies from kicking off the covers in the night, it promotes better sleep as there are not sudden temperature changes.


A high-quality baby sleep bag made from a breathable material like cotton and bamboo, can also help naturally regulate temperature so that your baby doesn’t get cold and clammy in winter and hot and sweaty in summer. According to pediatricians, temperature control is one of the best ways to prevent eczema, a common skin condition in babies.

And if you choose a baby sleep bag with enclosed sleeves, you will also be preventing your baby to engage in unconscious scratching during the night. The sleep bag will help create a soft, strong barrier between your baby’s fingers and the skin, so that damage can’t be done to your baby’s sensitive skin.

There isn’t much fuss when it comes to using these bags. Simply place your baby in the sleeping bag, secure it properly and place your little one inside the crib – no need for extra blankets. Although your baby’s arms remain outside (except for certain models), his/her core body temperature will be kept at the optimum level, ensuring a restful night’s sleep.

After a couple of times of use, your baby will start to associate the sleep bag with an enjoyable experience and this can help him/her to settle quickly and achieve sleep as soon as you may expect.


When purchasing a sleep bag for your baby make sure you choose the right size for your child and select a material that best suits the climate where you live. You may be tempted to choose a larger size so your baby can grow into it, but this is a big no-no. These bags are designed for babies according to their age as to ensure safety and a larger one may cover their face or restrict their movements.

In Australia, baby sleep bags come with a TOG rating to let you know how warm the bag will be according with the room temperature. A basic guide is:

16-17 °C – 3.5 TOG
18-20 °C – 2.5 TOG
21-23 °C – 1 TOG
up to 24 °C – 0.5 TOG

We also recommend you to choose a sleep bag made of natural fibers, like organic cotton and bamboo, because these are very breathable and will help your baby get a better rest.