Find Your Purpose by Spending Time Outdoors Camping

outdoor camping

Unlike our ancestors, who knew how to cooperate with nature, we modern day people just seem to be drifting further away from it. The fast-paced lifestyles, the demanding jobs, and the increasing role of technology all have their effects on this.

It’s known for a fact spending time in nature has equal benefits for our physical, as much as for our psychological well-being, and what better way to do so than by heading out on a camping adventure – Australia has plenty to offer in this aspect, from breathtaking nature, to lovely campsites, the choice is yours.

If you haven’t yet experienced this sort of travelling, it might be confusing as to where to begin with. It’s simpler than it seems actually; first things first, think of the adequate shelter. Unless you’re travelling with a home on wheels, tent is your best bet. Going on your own, you can’t go wrong by opting for a one man bivvy tent.

It’s the lightweight, and instant set-up choice with waterproof properties thanks to the UVtex sun tough fabric, that undergoes water repellent treatment, then resistant floor, cross ventilation, fly coverage, and easy top access entry – everything you’d want from a tent. In case you’re sharing the adventure with more people, it’s needless to say one man bivvy tent isn’t an option.

Instead you should go for a size bigger than the number of persons to stay in the tent. For instance, to fit two people, get a three man tent, to fit three get a four man tent, and so on. Along with the adequate shelter, another necessity is adequate clothing.

When camping in summer, what you require is breathable, lightweight clothing, that would also provide the much-needed UV protection – all of which is what bamboo as a fabric covers up. Whereas for camping during winter, you need as many layers as possible with properties such as waterproof, and insulation.

Don’t forget to pile up on food either! When backpacking, you could do well with snacks, and canned food, as well as frozen veggies and fruits to act like a freezer. The freezer is something you wouldn’t have to worry about when travelling with a home on wheels, and neither is water. When it comes to water safety for backpackers, you can always count on water purifiers, as the lightweight ultraviolet pens, to give you your peace of mind.

Likewise, it wouldn’t hurt equipping with some handy tools, such as multi-tools, maps, compasses (in case GPS, and electronics fail), and LED torchlights so you never lose track. Remember, a happy camper is a well-equipped camper!