Decorate with Purpose – How to Display Houseplants in Your Home

Plants are the best way to add colour, texture, and life to a dull space. And when they happen to be beautifully oversized, they can also bring a little bit of drama. Just like artwork, accent furniture, and other décor, plants are a powerful element to have in your design arsenal. If you’re planning to give your interior a little green boost, here are a few great ways to display plants with style.

Add Greenery with Gorgeous Plant Stands

Plant Stands

As much as plants themselves may be decorative, plant stands can also be a creative way to adorn the space. They help bring your greenery off the ground for a more prominent look. Plus, the variety you can choose from is endless – from charming vintage inspired designs – to sleek, minimalistic Scandinavian plant stands.

Make a Lasting Impression

Plant Stand

If you ask me what room of the house should not be left without a touch of greenery, I’d say the hallway. There is rarely any activity going on in the hallway, so adding a gorgeous plant can give this space a more lively touch. If your hallway does not get much light, consider plants that thrive beautifully even in shade, like the rubber plant tree for instance. To make your hallway plants instantly noticeable, you can use high plant stands which will lift the plants at eye-level. This way you can make a lasting impression on your guests with a combo of a stunning stand and a luscious plant.

Coffee Table Decor

Table Plant

While freshly picked flowers can act as a temporary coffee table décor, tiny plants can be a lasting way to bring life to this living room centrepiece. Consider shapely succulents, a bonsai tree, or cacti that won’t take up a lot of useful space. For an eye-catching contrast, place the small plants in an ornate glass container.

Add a Touch of Nature to Your Bedroom

Bedroom Plant

Why not perk up your bedside table with a rich, leafy fern? It surely is a more surprising bedroom touch as opposed to the traditional bedside table. Going to sleep and waking up beside a luscious fern will make you feel like you’re in an enchanted forest. If it’s a large plant, you can simply position it on the floor as a more causal touch, or you can use a hanging pot or a plant stand to display your bedroom gem.

Recycled Inspiration

Recycled Home Decor

Taking care of plants means taking care of the environment. And what better way to make your home even more eco-friendly than with recycled décor? You can use the steps of an old ladder as a fun plant stand, or you can recycle an old wine barrel to go with your bedroom fern. Just walk into your garage, shed, or attic and try to get inspired by your old and discarded things.