How do UGG Boots Work? Reasons Why We Love Wearing Them

Once the weather becomes chilly you want to cuddle your feet in something comfortable and warm. And nothing is more comfortable than a pair of UGG shoes. Once you try UGG footwear, it’s impossible not to love them. Here are some of the reasons why you should own at least one pair of UGGs.

UGG shoes

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Cosy, Comfy and Warm

These shoes can do a great job keeping your feet warm. Since they are made of quality, luxurious sheepskin, they are able to retain the heat while the sturdy insulated outsoles keep snow and moisture at bay. And if you are wondering are UGGs non slip shoes, the answer is – yes, they are super practical for winter slip and sludge thanks to their special traction on the rubber sole. Simply put, comfort is the second name of UGG shoes. They don’t require time to mould to your feet and you will never need another pair of insoles.

Built to Last

Every new season we want to upgrade our wardrobe with a few new items, whether it’s a bag, shoes or a piece of clothing. But, no one really wants to replace their favourite pair of shoes, since good shoes are an investment and we all expect them to last. Well, if you invest in UGGs, you can rest assured that you won’t have to think about getting a new quality pair for years to come. They may not the cheapest shoes you can find but they are sure built to last. They will see you through multiple winters before you need to replace them, especially if you treat them with the right products.


With this type of shoes, you can have a peace of mind because you don’t need to compromise comfort for style or vice versa. Winter footwear should be comfortable, durable and practical, but also it should look nice. Well, with UGGs, you can have it all. They work well with most outfit combos, so looking good with a pair of UGGs is a piece of cake. Winter is always fun because we get to snuggle up in all our cosiest, warmest clothes at long last. Adding these great boots to the mix means you won’t have to choose between being trendy and feeling cosy.


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More Choices Than You Think

Most people, when they hear the name UGG, the first thing that pops up in their mind is the classic natural-toned, fleece-lined boots. But the truth is that is far from your only option. When it comes to UGGs, you have so many colours and style to choose from. The brand also offers plenty of other options like cosy bedroom slippers, colourful wellington boots that can keep your feet dry in the rain and duck boots that can make you feel comfortable even in the worst weather. Apart from the regular shoes, the brand also has its own line of shoe protection products.

Once you buy UGG shoes, it’s important to use the right cleaning products and learn how to care for them so you can enjoy their comfort for many winters. Start by treating the exterior surface with a waterproof protector. Usually, this procedure includes spraying a coating of waterproofing and allowing them to dry at least one day. Once they are dry, lightly brush them with a suede brush in a single direction in order to rinse the nap. The waterproof coating will keep the sheepskin from being stained or damaged by the first puddle you encounter and it will be easier for you to remove stains in the future.

In case your favourite UGGs get stained, don’t panic. Spot clean the area by first moistening it with cold water and then gently apply cleaning product that is specifically designed to be used on delicate leather. Don’t scrub the surface. Instead, tap it so you don’t damage the nap. Rinse the area with cold water or a sponge. Leave the shoes to air dry and then brush the suede to raise the nap. Treat your UGGs right and you won’t need to buy a new pair any time soon.