How to Choose a Makeup Mirror

Bathroom make-up mirror


When we mention your morning skin routine, you’ll probably picture yourself doing your daily make-up, standing in front of the bathroom vanity unit mirror. You’re not alone, since most women nowadays tend to do their make-up looks in the bathroom. Not only is it more convenient but it’s also way more hygienic since it’s not the same wiping foundation stains from your bathroom tiles and carpets across your home.

Talking about bathroom mirrors, you’ve probably struggled to do your skincare routine and make-up at least once because you didn’t have a proper one. Luckily, the market nowadays offers gorgeous mirrors packed with many different features – from the different mounting methods for the right angle to the lighting features to illuminate your face. So, if you were about to hit your favourite homeware store and choose a bathroom mirror for yourself, we put together a couple of great tips to help you get the right option.

Installation Method

Free-standing make-up mirror


Before you decide to choose a bathroom mirror for makeup, it’s essential to get to know the different installation methods so you pick one that works best for both you and your bathroom. For this purpose, we can divide makeup mirrors into two categories.

Wall-Mounted Mirrors

As their name suggests, these mirrors are installed on your wall and make for a great option if you want to give your bathroom vanity a little makeover. So, if you decided to go for one of these, make sure that the mirror extends to the edge of the counter or the vanity. This way you won’t need to lean in too much and strain your neck to draw the perfect eyeliner shape.

Except for this, wall-mounted mirrors can be found in a plethora of different shapes- from the round, angular ones to the designer bathroom mirrors featuring abstract shapes. However, make sure you choose the shape so it matches your bathroom vanity.

Freestanding Mirrors

Freestanding, or commonly referred to as tabletop makeup mirrors are the ultimate type of mirror every woman needs. These mirrors aren’t mounted or installed in any wall, but they’re completely portable which is a great feature for women who struggle getting their turn at the bathroom in the mornings.

But not only are tabletop mirrors completely compact and portable, but they’re also great since you can always adjust and move them around until you find the perfect angle. Also, if you choose one of the latest designs it’s most likely going to feature small lighting bulbs around the edges so you don’t have to spend time finding the perfect lighting to do your make-up.


Magnified bathroom mirror for make-up


Regardless if you decided to get a wall-mounted or a freestanding mirror for makeup, make sure you opt for one that has magnification features. If you didn’t know what this feature is, know that magnified mirrors use convex glass to distort and magnify the view, especially if when you get closer to the mirror.

Such mirrors can feature different angles of magnification, but 3x-5x ones are among the most commonly chosen ones since they’re considered sufficient for 90% of people with normal vision. Except for this, there’re many freestanding mirrors that feature two sides- one magnified and one non-magnified so you have this feature whenever you need to see something closely.

Magnified mirrors can be a great option for ladies that wear glasses that get in the way of eye make-up. Even if this is not the case with you, a magnified mirror can always come in handy when you struggle to pluck and tweeze your eyebrows, apply different lip liners precisely or blend your bronzer to look natural.

Lighting Features

LED bathroom mirror for make-up


As we mentioned before, many of the contemporary makeup mirrors for sale will feature convenient lighting features for the times when the natural light isn’t sufficient or doesn’t hit the right spot. But even when we’re talking about mirrors’ lighting features, there’re a couple of differences between them.

For instance, there’re many mirrors featuring built-in lights on the sides as well as those that are enclosing the whole reflective surface of the mirror. Such mirrors are great to illuminate your face and help you achieve the ideal daytime make-up look. On the other hand, you’ll also come across a huge range of mirrors with decorative lights. And since their purpose is more decorative than functional, make sure you skip them if you’re looking for a mirror to help you do your make-up when there’s not enough lighting around.

But regardless of their purpose, makeup mirrors can feature different types of bulbs as well. At this point, know that LED lights are undoubtedly the most recommended option, since not only are they very economic and durable, but they also produce soft and pleasant light which is ideal for natural, daily makeup. Except for LED lights, some mirrors can feature the traditional incandescent bulbs but know that they aren’t recommended at all since they heat up very quickly and use a lot of electricity.

Style and Design

Bathroom mirrors


Once you choose the functional features of your mirror, it’s time to choose a gorgeous design to fit your bathroom’s style as well as the other interior elements. So, if you’re having a modern, minimalistic bathroom, then make sure you go for one featuring sharp edges and straight lines. Black matte frames are perfect to give every industrial or Scandi-style bathroom a contemporary touch, while light shades will break the monotony and fit almost every bathroom’s “clean” ambience.

On the other side of the horizon, if your bathroom features a classic, traditional design, then make sure you go for a circle-shaped designer bathroom mirror with gorgeously engraved frames to elevate the elegance of your bathroom even more. The range of choices is huge, as long as you wake up the interior designer in yourself and start experimenting.

Now that you know what are the functional and aesthetic features to look for, don’t wait to hit the market and get the perfect makeup mirror for yourself.