How to Customise Your Pro Scooter for Better Grip

When you’re decking out your pro scooter, there’s so much variety, and so many accessories and parts that you can change and upgrade. You can go for parts that will make stunts quicker and easier to master, and details that will get you noticed when doing the same stunts. Customising is easy if you know what you want. Besides using better parts, you can tailor your scooter to the look that best suits your riding style.

Accessories for Better Grip

putting grip tape on scooter

Grip and handling are important for anything with wheels, more so if there are only two. For scooters, it means mastering balance, speed and coordination in a range of different riding situations. This can be anything from kicking your way to the skate park to fakies, sliders, tailwhips, sevens, tens, or the regular pogo. Coordinated hand and foot movement is the basis of all tricks. Having the right grip on the bars for the hands, and on the deck for pushing off, picking up speed and landing safely is also a must. It will give you more confidence in learning tricks or even making up your own.

Deck Grip Tape

colorful grip tape

Grip tape is what keeps your feet and shoes glued to the deck. There are different styles and many brands. When swapping out the stock cheap grip tape on your complete with something better, there are a few things you need to think about.

First is how much grip do you need. Scooter grip tape needs to have the right balance for your riding style and skill level. Complete scooters commonly have paper-based tape that wears easily. On the other hand, deck grip tape by reputed brands swap this out with vinyl-based adhesive that sticks much better to the deck. The facer material will differ in the level of grip. You can go for less grippy tape if you want to attempt higher, more complicated stunts, or grippier tape for more safety. The first type Is the preferred choice of experienced riders, but won’t be ideal in landings. The second choice is recommended if you’re the new kid at the skate park.

Next, consider if the tape is the appropriate size for the scooter deck. Some brands sell standard pre-cut sizes or strips that you can cut to length. You can even get skateboard grips that are longer and wider and cut them to size. How easy it is to apply the grip tape is also important. Quality new grip tape should take no longer than a few minutes to get right. Make sure to cover the entire deck and double-check that there’s no bubbling. If you get tired of the design and want something new, it should be easy to remove too.

Lastly, there’s the design. With so many colours and designs, get something that you like but also something that defines you as a pro scooter rider. A unique, stylish look should complement the rest of the scooter. And since you’ll go through a few scooter grip tapes, a change of taste, colours or patterns can bring some freshness and inspiration in the jumps. Brands to go for include Root Industries, Figz, Hella Grip, Apex, Envy and skateboard specialists Jessup.

Handlebar Grips  

orange handlebar grip

Pro scooters are a combination of skateboard and BMX bikes, and this is where good handlebar grips come in. To provide the best grip in achieving decent height in jumps, handlebar grips need to attach firmly to the handlebars while also being comfortable. Grips need to cushion the impact on your hands and wrists in landings, but also give enough support in lifting your weight in jumps. If you’ve got a complete model, you can easily swap the grips with something in the colour, design and material you like.

Handlebar grips come in different lengths and textures for the best comfort and fit. There are the popular ribbed patterns preferred by pros since they are non-slip designs. You’ll also find waffle designs by skate specialist Vans, and also diamond-cut or flush patterns. Most grips are made of durable rubber, so they’re built to last, while also being soft to the touch. No cuts or scratches here. There’s also the choice of thermoplastic or foam, depending on what suits you more. To avoid slips, there are integrated bar ends, or stops that you can use for better coupling with the handlebars. And as with scooter grip tape, there are a variety of colours and designs to choose from.

Buying Scooter Grip Tape and Handlebar Grips 

scooter handlebar grips

Deck grip tape and handlebar grips are some of the least expensive things that you can get for your pro scooter. They’re cheaper than a Maccas combo meal, but last way longer. Here price doesn’t equal performance since they deliver so much more. A decent deck tape will give you the needed footing in riding or jumping, while also not biting into shoes. Fun is why you got a scooter in the first place, but safety is important too.

Handlebar grips of good quality and the right size for your hands will mean you can even ride without gloves. Both additions to your custom scooter provide not only more grip, but a chance to try out even the hardest tricks without slipping or missing the deck on landing. Being cheap, they can be added to your complete, or you can change them more often without feeling the pinch in the wallet. Get them at good skater and scooter stores throughout Australia.