How to Prolong the Lifespan and Durability of Vinyl Tile Floors?

When it comes to smart home upgrades that you’d get to enjoy for years without actually breaking your bank, enhancing your nest with stylish and easy-to-install vinyl flooring is the solution to boosting the abode’s functionality, aesthetic and value all at once. Although in the past vinyl didn’t promise much in terms of beauty, nowadays you can find tiles that are just as beautiful as they’re practical, ranging from those that mimic stone with stylish textures to those that resemble concrete in hue.

And, the best of it all is they won’t cost you an arm and a leg, whether it’s with the installation or the maintenance. However, despite this material’s fame for being highly durable and resistant to impact as much as moisture, you can’t expect it to last as long as it’s meant to without paying attention to proper care.

So, next time you go shopping for the most modern and sophisticated flooring vinyl tile design, be sure to also keep its proper care in mind to prolong its longevity regardless of which part of the home you add it to. This would also ensure you preserve its original colour, finish, and texture for longer. Here’s what you need to pay attention to.

The Impact Protection

flooring vinyl tile
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Although this is a material known for its durability, it’s still not all that resistant to wear and tear from scratches and impact. If you want to provide it with the right dose of protection, for one, you can forget about wearing your outdoor shoes indoors. Footwear like high heels or models with heavy soles can leave their marks on your precious floors, so it’s best to leave them by the door, and opt for slippers instead.

Look on the bright side – you can also put a stop to harmful bacteria (e.g. E. coli), fungus, and dog poop from making their way inside your home. More in terms of impact, you can avoid scratching your lovely flooring vinyl tile by adding leg protectors on the furniture pieces.

Another type of accessory you can count on is carpeting; love it or hate it, whether you consider it eye-catching or an eye-sore, one thing is certain, a carpet here and there is just what you need to prevent your child from leaving marks from smashing toys. Carpets are also great if you share your home with pets and don’t have the habit of trimming their claws.

Lastly, the impact can come from improper cleaning tools, so be very careful when sweeping, scrubbing, and vacuuming. Be sure to ditch anything that’s got a rough, scratchy surface, get rid of the steel wools and harsh sponges, forget about the vacuum cleaner’s beater bar, and opt for soft and non-abrasive tools instead. Most of the time, a soft cloth and a mop would more than do the cleaning job and keep your floors spotless.

The Sunlight Protection

Perhaps you love having your windows bare to make the most of what the sunlight can offer, whether it’s the beautiful sunrises and sunsets, or the lovely rays kissing the plants… whatever it is, it’s not going to work with your vinyl tile flooring even if it’s of the luxury kind. Although LVT is more durable, it still isn’t fade-resistant to the damage exposure to prolonged direct sunlight can put it through.

If window treatments like blinds are a big no for you, even some of the roller options, then you should at least consider getting some curtains. Blockout curtains do this job the best, but due to the total limit of the sunlight, they’re better used in the bedroom. For the rest, think of getting pinch pleat. In case that won’t work for you either due to keeping a minimalist aesthetic, then choose a room with the least direct sunlight impact to install the vinyl flooring in.

The Moisture Protection

flooring vinyl tile
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Word’s out that the vinyl floor tiles are moisture-resistant and as such are perfect even for rooms where moisture is more present, like the kitchen, the bathroom, and the laundry room. And, while this is true due to the material’s nature, plus the ease of installation, this doesn’t imply you should drench your floors in water, or leave liquid spills on for too long so much so they end up affecting the adhesive layer. It would come in handy if you get in the habit of cleaning spills as soon as they occur. Also, when mopping, avoid using too much water, just dip the mop in the water and squeeze it out before using it on the floor.

The Chemical Protection

Cleaning is recommended but you have to be aware of the adequate cleaning solutions you should do it with, for the sake of protecting your floors. Same as using the wrong tools, the wrong chemicals can damage the floors beyond repair, just as using some homemade solutions you saw on the internet. The best course of action is to pick out a product that’s specifically made for vinyl floors, as this would help with cleanliness without affecting the tiles’ protective layer.