LED Torch Lights: Say Goodbye to the Darkness

Since the beginning of mankind, it’s quite impressive how much we have evolved and managed to change the world with our creative minds. Today, our lives mainly rely on advanced technology and inventions, however, the one irreplaceable thing is light. It’s not a big secret that our world mainly thrives on light. We need it to see, it’s used to make products that can brighten up our homes, cars, laptops and other gadgets. The list goes on and on. We can choose from chandeliers to lamps, but one of the most convenient light source inventions has been and will be the flashlight.

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Long ago, we used to pick up a wooden torch and light an actual fire to provide a clear path in the shadows. Now, we use the flashlight, or more specifically a LED torch is a very practical product that can be used in all sorts of situations. It can be used inside our homes to see into a dark basement and other dark areas, or it can be used outside for hiking, camping and even for survival purposes such as sending an SOS signal or using it as a weapon. Not to mention, it’s used also in the military, in firefighting or the rescuing and treatment of people. It is an advantageous item to have and it’s very easy to handle. Continue reading below to find out a bit more about the LED flashlight and tips on how to decide on the right one.

How to Pick Out the Right LED Torch

First off, let’s head to the main definition – LED is short for light-emitting diode, which is the main source of light in these products. They are an excellent option because they last a lot longer than regular flashlights, making them both a good investment and eco-friendly. So, let’s say you have decided on getting one. Then you are probably asking yourself – How do I choose a torch? Well, here are the main types and features of the LED torch:

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The Different Kinds of LED Flashlights

The first and most commonly used one would be the handheld variety. It is one of the handiest and convenient LED torches Australia has out on the market. It usually doesn’t take up a lot of space, and it’s very easy to use. What’s good about it is that it can also come in other forms, such as a tactical torch which can be mounted into a weapon. This kind is super useful and can be taken in along with a survival kit. It can be turned into a knife or a beating stick, and can be used to blind an attacker, so it makes an excellent self-defence item. Lasers or infrared light can be added so it can be used along with night vision equipment. It truly is a very functional product.

The next type is the head torch. It’s a LED light strapped onto a helmet or a headpiece. It’s super practical, especially for people who have their hands busy and cannot hold a stick flashlight. You can use it in activities such as camping or hiking, in your workplace or while fixing the pipes in your dark basement. Just make sure the light isn’t hanging loose.

The penlight also happens to be quite a common light source. The name already gives away that it’s a flashlight shaped like a small pen. It’s very convenient since you can carry it around just about anywhere, making it great for emergencies. Doctors also use this kind for inspections inside the mouth, throat and eyes.

Similar to the penlight are other smaller varieties of the LED torch, such as the keychain or clip lights. They can be attached to just about anything, so you can take them anywhere with you. The con might be that they usually don’t provide much brightness and don’t last as long.

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The Features

Now that you know the main kinds, it’s important to look out for the basic features that can come along with the torch, if you are to be considering a purchase. For starters, knowing the different kinds of batteries will help you make your pick. Rechargeable batteries are a great option, but they will require regular electric charging to make sure they don’t go off, so you have to put that in mind before going out. Whereas on the other hand, disposable ones will last longer and will only need to be replaced when they are used up, which won’t do your wallet a favour.

Overall, it is all a matter of preference, mainly according to your needs and your budget. You must always check on how much money you can set aside to spend on a certain flashlight, or on just about any product. Often a pricey one will last long, but will be of no use if you won’t be needing it as much. If you are a regular camper and someone who enjoys hiking, or if your profession requires a handy light source, then getting a quality one will surely be a great investment. Another thing to consider would be the general brightness ability of the product. Again, if you intend on using it in extreme situations regularly, then definitely opt for a flashlight that emits a bright light that can stretch out to a very long distance. Consider getting a water-proof one as well, so you don’t have to worry about you dropping it in water and breaking it.

To Sum Up

In general, the flashlight has been proved to be a practical, must-have item in your storage. Whether you are a firefighter, a mine worker, doctor, camper or just a regular person, in the end, we are all the same and we all need light to be able to see the world around us. So, I’d advise you to get yourself one of the best LED torches Australia has to offer and say farewell to the dark forever.