Maintaining Safety: The Purpose of the Industrial Gas Cylinder Trolley

In Australia, gas is a more affordable way to power a commercial or industrial business than it is to use electricity. Whether you run a manufacturing plant, a warehouse or a welding shop that uses industrial gas cylinders – it’s your legal duty to maintain the safety of the workplace by handling and storing them safely. And in order to do so, you will need a reliable industrial gas cylinder trolley.

gas cylinder trolley

Robust, durable and ergonomic – the industrial gas cylinder trolley is specifically designed to help you transport these heavy and dangerous containers around the workplace in a safe way. It features safety chains that allow you to fasten the gas cylinder securely into place. The heavy-duty rubber wheels allow you to easily push the trolley around the ground while applying only a minimal amount of force. As a result, not only does a gas cylinder trolley prevent accidents involving gas, but it also reduces the amount of physical exertion workers are exposed to.

When choosing an industrial gas cylinder trolley, it’s important to look for a model that can support the weight of the cylinders you commonly use. Most gas trolleys offer a weight capacity ranging from 17 kg to 80 kg. Many of them also allow you to transport two cylinders at the same time for greater convenience. If you opt for such a model, consider that its weight capacity refers to the combined weights of both cylinders

Using a gas cylinder trolley is similar to using a regular trolley. When loading the gas cylinder onto a trolley, it’s important that you wear proper safety gear. This means steel toe capped shoes which can protect your feet in case you drop the heavy cylinder, and industrial quality gloves to prevent the cylinder from slipping in the first place. In order to load it properly, you need to tilt it slightly forward so that it rests on the rim of the base of the trolley and then rotate it using your other hand until its completely onto the trolley.

In order to push the trolley properly, you should place one foot on the axle and tilt it back slightly so that it can balance itself on the wheels. While pushing it, keep your back straight to avoid straining and potential injuries. When you’ve reached the point where the cylinder needs to be unloaded, use the same method of rotating it until it’s no longer onto the trolley. It’s essential that employers give their employees an in-depth demonstration and training on how to properly use gas cylinder trolleys. This can help avoid serious workplace accidents.