Nissan Grilles – the Purpose of Installing an Aftermarket Grille

There are a lot of parts in your vehicle that help it operate normally and a lot of them are so well integrated that we oftentimes take them for granted. Take the grille, for example. It’s just a simple metal cover with strips of metal poles across it, but yet it does so much for your vehicle. Your Nissan’s front grille is probably not one of your biggest concerns when it comes to your ride, but what if I told you that it can bring your vehicle a lot of benefits if you replace it with an aftermarket one? For those of you who want to keep their vehicle’s performance and style at a decent level, an aftermarket grille is a good first step. Here’s what it can offer.

nissan grilles


A grille is made to protect your engine from small stones, twigs and other debris. Keeping those little rascals from entering the engine. front radiator, cooler and even the air duct for the brake discs is one part of the game as they also give your vehicle a new look, but more about that later. Nissan grilles made out of plastic may not be as strong as stainless steel grilles but they sure can be as durable. There are certain types of plastic which can endure under the same amount of exposure to the sun while being cheaper than a steel grille. Grilles also keep the engine protected from collisions but they are definitely not better than bullbars.


If you are someone who doesn’t care that much for the aesthetics of your vehicle, you can always go with a simple grille that will blend in with the front of your ride. Simple Nissan grilles do exist, but there are other types that complement the vehicle without being a thorn in the eye to every passerby and there are grilles that attract a lot of attention but still do not overshadow the design language of the vehicle. Nonetheless, you definitely have a lot of options when it comes to grille designs.


Since you have a lot to choose from, there are a lot of options at hand and because of that – you can get a grille made from a cheaper material which has the strength and durability of a more expensive one. You can easily find a grille which doesn’t have the shiniest of looks but it will provide solid protection and a decent appearance.

Easy to Install

Installing a grille on your own is easier than you think as there are certain types of grilles that just go on top of the old one. I know this may seem like a lazy person’s best friend, but this way you will get double-layered protection. There’s no drilling or cutting involved, just plop it on top of the stock one, but don’t expect to get a better look as your old one will probably peak a little bit.