Purpose Of Anti Static Vinyl Flooring

When it comes to flooring solutions, hardwood, ceramic tiles and marble are no longer the best sellers. There is a new flooring solution that is rapidly gaining on popularity – vinyl flooring. Although it was first discovered in the 30s, vinyl flooring became world phenomena in the 60s, but not for long. By the late 80s, vinyl was replaced by hardwood and ceramic tiles. Water resistance, ability to withstand scratches and stains, better durability and longer life were just some of the factors vinyl flooring lost the battle to hardwood, tiles and marble. And it is because of the same factors that vinyl is retaining its popularity. Because of improved design, innovative technology, wide range of colours, patterns, sizes, etc. vinyl flooring does not only stand for durability, flexibility, comfort and quality, but also for style.

Anti Static Vinyl Flooring

The newest trend in the flooring industry these days is the anti static vinyl flooring. It is ideal for places that are prone to electric static discharge like hospitals, computer rooms, laboratories, manufacturing units, etc. The last thing a doctor or a programmer would like is a sudden static discharge. It is known that the human body is a good conductor of static electricity, so it would be nice to keep that in mind next time you plan to buy a new vinyl floor. With so many electrical devices around, a small spark can do a lot of damages to the electrical equipment. Thanks to the innovative anti static vinyl flooring, you can eliminate unpleasant surprises and plus get the stylish decor you always wanted. If you want to get a flooring solution that is easy to maintain, durable and capable of eliminating static discharge, then check out the anti static vinyl flooring designs.


Reduction Of Static Discharge – One
of the main purposes of the anti static vinyl flooring is to reduce the static electricity that can be generated by the electrical devices. Hospitals, computer rooms, laboratories are prone to static electricity, therefore, anti static vinyl flooring is a must. With so many electrical devices and expensive equipment around, you need to install a reliable, durable and static-free flooring that offers permanent static protection.


Polyurethane Reinforced – Anti static vinyl flooring is made of reinforced polyurethane material that provides great wear resistance and has outstanding mechanical properties. This is extremely important for high traffic areas such as hospitals, labs, manufacturing units. This component makes the anti static vinyl flooring highly resistant and durable.


Easy Maintenance – One of the main advantages of the anti static vinyl flooring is the easy maintenance. When compared to other types of vinyl, the anti static vinyl doesn’t have to be waxed or polished since it doesn’t leave any marks or scratches. It can be easily maintained with simple cleaning. This is especially important for hospitals and labs, where you need to be protected from all the germs and bacteria that are spread around.