Purpose Of Excavator Attachments

The wheeled excavator is described as the most versatile construction and mining machine. It can be equipped with different excavator attachments for performing various construction and mining tasks. With so many attachments on the market, the wheeled excavator can be used for a variety of applications not just for the standard digging. The attachments increase the versatility, and also maximize the performance of the excavator. Equip your wheeled excavator with a various attachments and start clearing, sorting, digging, drilling or moving. The purpose of the excavator attachments is to increase the flexibility of the operators and allow them to carry out multiple applications by using only one machine. Each attachment has a different use and purpose. Take a look at the most popular excavator attachments:


Quick-Coupler – The quick-coupler is definitely the most commonly used wheeled excavator attachment and most manufacturers include it as a standard feature in their machines. There are quick-couplers for all types of excavators. The purpose of the quick-coupler is to ensure an optimum bucket rotation and great digging power, by allowing a quick change of the buckets and other excavator attachments. The quick-coupler eliminates the need for a hammer to manually detach the attachments, improving in this way the safety of the operators.

Heavy-Duty Bucket – The heavy-duty bucket is designed for excavators with capacity over 25 tonnes. Its purpose is to allow the operators to perform the most difficult tasks on every job site in the most demanding excavating conditions. Also, the heavy-duty bucket is suitable for light and medium-duty construction jobs. The heavy-duty bucket is most suitable for digging rocks, dirt, soft gravel and other similar materials.

Excavator Auger – In order to turn your excavator into a powerful drilling machine, you can use an excavator auger attachment. Today, the excavator auger attachment is offered by many manufacturers, simply because it is used for many digging tasks. The excavator auger is certainly one of the most efficient attachments for drilling holes and rigs.

Grapple Bucket – Although the grapple bucket has been extensively used on skid-steer loaders only, today it is one of the most popular excavator attachments. The main purpose of grapple bucket is to push and load materials into trucks, but there are modified grapple buckets that can be used for sorting and demolition works.

Hydraulic Hammer – The hydraulic hammer is extensively used for many different tasks. It is offered by many well-known manufacturers of excavator attachments, such as Case, Bobcat, Caterpillar, Doosan, Kobeico and others. The hydraulic hammer allows the excavator to break concrete and asphalt, and it is designed to handle even the toughest breaking and demolition jobs.