Purpose Of Mobile Cranes

The presence of mobile cranes can be seen in many building projects like construction of houses, buildings, airports and roadways throughout the history. What hundreds of people can do in few hours, a mobile crane can in just few seconds. Yes, this machine is that powerful. Manufacturers designed the mobile crane to easily transport heavy loads from one place to another without complicated set up.


The boom of the mobile crane is powerful enough to lift and carry thousands of tons. In the past, cranes where fixed and limited to only one position, but nowadays, you will find a wide range of mobile cranes that can move from one destination to another. The latest mobile crane models are compact, powerful and maneuverable, featuring ultra modern technology, in order to satisfy complex road and off-road operating requirements on different construction sites.

Here’s why you need to rely on mobile cranes.

Saves Time – What truly makes a mobile crane so perfect is its precise control of the load over long distances. Due to its precise positioning, operators will be able to fast handle the material and save extra time. Instead of hiring thousands of workers for a task that will take few days, rely on this powerful machine and get the job done in just few minutes. What makes mobile cranes so popular on the market is definitely their high working speed. You will be able to drive the machine fast on both rough or smooth paved terrains.

Saves Money – Mobile cranes are ideal for all kinds of tasks. There is no need to buy smaller machine, as you can perfectly fit the mobile crane into smaller places. You will be able to use the mobile crane in large construction sites, but in tight urban areas as well. Tower cranes for example need too much space, while mobile cranes can fit in tight city streets. Plus, you don’t have to hire additional workers to get the job done in time.

Transports Heavy Loads – Mobile cranes are well known for their powerful lifting capacity and off-road performance. If you are looking for fast return on the investment, then opt for mobile cranes. Their lifting capacity ranges from 8t – 450t, thanks to their unique suspension system and boom design. Depending on the personal requirements, mobile cranes can be used for both outdoor and indoor sites. Thanks to the hydraulic expandable boom, mobile cranes are able to precisely reach and carry the load from one place to another. Not all cranes are able to move with a load in the hook, but that’s not a problem for this powerful crane.