Purpose Of Self Monitored Alarm System

If you are looking for an advanced wireless alarm system that will protect your family and home when you are away, then Self monitored alarm system is the one for you. If you look for safety, security and peace of mind, then self monitored alarm system is the right choice. No need for expensive installations and long term contracts, you can set up the self monitored alarm yourself. What’s most important, it protects your privacy since you don’t need to let a stranger come into your house and install the alarm.


Save Huge Amount Of Money – Not all can afford to buy wireless security system, but that does not stop anyone from protecting their homes. Self monitored alarm system has the same purpose as wireless alarms only for much less. No need to pay a third party installer do set your alarm as you can install the self monitored alarm system yourself. No need of drilling holes in your walls, the wireless signal will transmit up to 100 meters distance and get you notified of any suspicious movement or action.

Self-Monitoring Your House – What makes the self monitored alarm system so popular, is the fact that you can monitor your home even when you are away. No need to rely on neighbors. You can now monitor your home via your cell phone. You will be able to watch your kids come in and out of the house, and have greater control.

Notifies You Through SMS – In case of emergency, you will be immediately notified through SMS. The self monitored system alarm sends signal to the cell phone any time a suspicious or unusual action goes on. It is the user that decides whether to call the police or contact the local emergency department. With a self monitored alarm you don’t need to sign a contract with any security company. You can monitor your property and decide whether you need to call police or other emergency department.

Customize And Control Your Alarm System – Not only is self monitored alarm simple to install, but you can also customize it whenever and however you want. One of the purposes of the self monitored alarm system is to provide you with useful apps. You decide whether you need accessories like back-up battery, panic button, detector location, etc. You decide when to arm and disarm the system. Simply said, you control the alarm the way it suits you most.