Purpose Of Using Graders At The Construction And Mining Sites

The grader, also known as motor grader or road grader, is described as heavy-duty machine that is used in different industry sectors. However, the graders are most commonly used in the construction and mining sites for creating smooth and flat surface. In order to create smooth surface, the graders are designed with a long blade. These machines are also used for gravel roads maintenance. For construction of paved roads, the graders are used for creating a flat surface where the asphalt will be placed. For civil engineering projects, the purpose of the graders is to perform the fine grading. As a mining machinery, the motor grader can be seen on every major mining site all over the world. Simply said, the grader is consider as extremely versatile machine that can be used for a variety of construction and mining tasks.


The graders come in different sizes and shapes, but they all share the same specifications and configuration. Generally, all grader models come with a long blade that is positioned between the front and back wheels. This long blade is usually made from stainless steel and it is known as “grader”. The blade can be controlled mechanically or hydraulically. The modern graders come with a blade that can be extended from side to side. The blade can also be raised or lowered depending on the application. One big advantage is the fact that the graders can be used with different attachments for completing different kinds of construction or mining tasks. A wide range of attachments transform the grader into extremely versatile machine, capable to perform and to do different things on the job sites.

Although most grader models are used for roadwork applications, some graders can be used for digging shallow holes and even for rough grading. However, a difference needs to be made between rough and fine grading. Fine grading is when the graders create a smooth and fine surface where the asphalt will be placed. Rough grading on the other hand, is performed by heavy construction vehicles like bulldozers and scrapers. Although these machines look like graders, they are completely different machines and are used for different applications. The motor grader is also used for maintenance of unpaved roads. The unpaved roads are prone to become rutted because of difficult weather conditions. This is the main reason why the unpaved roads need to be maintained regularly with a proper motor grader. In addition to this, the graders are used for removing rocks from unpaved roads.

Today, the modern motor graders are designed to be used for more difficult and delicate tasks. They are described as more versatile and flexible than the previous models. Many construction and mining companies are discovering that the grader can be used as versatile construction or mining machinery for performing a variety of tasks. The new grader models on the market are also being developed with more advanced control units for more efficient results.