Purpose Of Wine Cellars

Wine cellars are used for storing a collection of wines under proper conditions. Just like any other alcoholic drink, wines become better with time. For that purpose they need to be kept and stored on a proper location. The wine cellars are made just for that. They provide full protection from all kinds of elements that can damage the wine smell and taste. Beside their primary purpose, the wine cellars can also be used as decorative items in your home. Consider getting a wine cellar if you want to mature your wines properly and to enrich their flavors to a higher level. Check the reasons why getting a wine cellar is a must:


Protection From Extreme Temperatures – Nothing protects a wine like the wine cellar. To make it clear, the wine cellars are ideal for protecting wines from drastic differences in the temperature. Wines should not be stored in places that are too warm. High temperatures can affect the flavor of the wine. Wine cellars protect wines from low temperatures as well. Low temperatures are not ideal for wine keeping. The question is, what is the ideal temperature for storing wines? It is something between 7-18 °C. That’s what wine cellars do. They keep wines at constant temperature.

Protection From Light – Most people don’t know that wines are photo-sensitive. This means you should not expose wines to heavy light, because light can cause pigments to become dark in white wines and fade in red wines. Because of that, it’s extremely important to keep wines in dark places and away from heavy light. The wine cellars protect wines from UV rays.

Protection From Humidity – The wine cellars protect wines from humidity as well. Humidity is wine’s number one enemy. When stored on places with high humidity, wines lose their color, taste and smell. Wine corks are exposed to damage, as they dry out and increase the risk of oxidization.

Protection From Vibration – Vibration can disturb and affects the process of aging. That’s why you need to store wines in well-isolated wine cellars.