Purposeful Accessories: How to Choose a Tote Bag That Can Hold Just About Anything

When it comes to must-have bags in a women’s closet, totes are definitely holding the first place on the list. They are stylish, very practical and spacious enough to hold as many things as you desire.

But if you’re on the market searching for the perfect tote bag for yourself, you probably know that there is a plethora of different models that makes choosing very difficult. This is why we put together some tips to help you pick the right tote bag for yourself.

Go for a Reputable Brand

First things first, you probably want to choose a good and reputable brand that will deliver excellent quality and great value for your money. And when it comes to tote bags women can wear for years, Cellini’s fine crafted products have never disappointed.

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This iconic label has been taking care of women’s style and lifestyle carrying trendy, yet practical handbags since 1990. Their tote bags for women are exclusively designed in Australia, and thanks to their high standards and the use of high-quality materials, it’s no wonder they’re one of the market leaders in the industry today. So, if you’re looking for a premium tote that will serve you for years, don’t hesitate to visit Cellini’s online or brick and mortar store and get yourself one of the stylish tote bags women love.

Pay Attention to the Material It’s Made From


One of the most common materials used for producing tote bags for ladies is leather. However, even though leather lady totes are very durable and look lavish, many people nowadays are truly opposed to buying products that are made of real leather.

If you’re part of this group of people, but still want to choose a bag that is stylish, yet durable, you can always go for one that is made from faux leather. Not only are these bags much friendlier for your wallet, but they also won’t look any different than the real leather ones. This way, you can have a luxury handbag for less and oppose supporting animal cruelty, and nobody will even notice that it isn’t real leather.

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Cotton Canvas

Besides leather, you’ll also come across a lot of canvas womens tote bags Australia wide. And these bags are also among the most commonly chosen ones since they’re affordable, very lightweight and often come with water-resistant protective layers. However, be careful with these bags since they tend to stain and get dirty very easy due to the nature of cotton canvas materials. They’re also not that durable and will wear down much faster than leather or any other tote bag material.


This material is very elastic yet strong and durable. It’s also resistant to chemicals and acids and won’t get destroyed even when accidentally getting in touch with them. However, have in mind that polyester materials aren’t much breathable and this can be a problem during the hot summer season. In other words, the material will trap heat next to your skin and make you sweat and feel clammy and sticky.

Get the Right Shape and Size

When it comes to your tote bag’s shape and size, we recommend skipping any current fashion trends and choosing one that suits your body shape and size instead. Also, don’t forget to consider your lifestyle so you can satisfy your storage needs at the same time.

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For instance, if you’re the busy corporate women type and you wear formal outfits on a daily basis, then it’s better to choose a well-structured bag made from good-quality leather. On the other hand, if you’re the casual type that wears jeans and tees, unstructured slouchy bags can be the perfect go-to choice for you.

Also, make sure that the tote bag you pick fits the proportions of your body. For instance, short girls shouldn’t wear large and oversized tote bags since they make them appear even smaller and overwhelm their entire look. But on the other hand, taller and bigger women should go for larger and bulkier totes since they tend to put the emphasis on the bag and avoid making you look even bigger.

To wrap up, it’s important to choose a tote bag that is opposite to your body proportions – if you have a curvy body, don’t hesitate to show it off with a nicely structured tote bag. But if you’re thin and not that curvy, any uniquely shaped bag will also give your body more dimension.

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Consider the Design

Once you find the right brand and choose the right material, size and shape, it’s time for the most creative part of the choosing process- determining the right design. But the truth is that tote bags come in different patterns and colours, so make sure you choose what suits you most.

For instance, if you need a tote you’ll be able to wear with most of your outfit, then you won’t go wrong by choosing a classic black one. But if you want to skip darker shades and get yourself something brighter, shades such as browns, beiges, creams, reds, pinks and whites are a great choice to make you look more sophisticated. Finally, if you’re the casual type of woman, deep blue and dark green totes make for an excellent choice to be paired with jeans and tees.

So, once you choose the perfect functional features and a stylish design that suits your closet’s colour palette, you’ll see how you’ll turn into the ultimate fashion diva who radiates self-confidence.