Purposeful Coastal Wall Decor Ideas

Coastal-style decor

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When you hear the words “Coastal style”, many different images come to your mind, but we hope parrots, bright Hawaiian prints, neon palm tree lights and pink flamingos are not what you’ve thought of first. Today, we live in contemporary homes and we all want to avoid that “Margaritaville” look, don’t we? So, the coastal style should evoke a mood or a feeling of breezy, seaside relaxation in your home with a lot of natural sunlight, furnishings made from natural fibres and textures, ocean-like colour palettes and décor accessories “found” from the sea or coast.

In case you already have a coastal-style home, then you know how many benefits the all-year serene and summery vibe can bring. But something is still missing. Those bare white walls seem too cold and clash with the laid-back soothing vibe of the rest of the space. Decorating the walls is always challenging, more so if you have a coastal-inspired home. Luckily, there are a lot of different ways to make your walls blend in beautifully, and here are some great ideas.

Coastal Art Prints

Coastal art prints above sofa

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The easiest way to decorate any wall is with art prints. You have a plethora of options when it comes to beach wall art. Playful waves of the sea, sunsets over the deep blue ocean, colourful aquatic wildlife, long and sunny white-sand beaches – these are just some of the many art themes you can choose from. The beach prints as a form of wall art will give you the opportunity to show who you really are and what you love. A wonderfully detailed wall print of the beach you had your Honeymoon on will be much more than just a pleasant piece of art hanging on your wall – it will remind you of one of your favourite vacations.

But where should you hang these prints? Well, there are certain places in the home that call for beautiful and colourful beach wall prints and similar coastal-inspired art arranged as a gallery wall. For instance, you can install a coastal gallery above your living room sofa, fireplace, side or console table. You can install it above the bed in the bedroom or give your reading nook a coastal vibe. For a more dramatic touch, cover an entire accent wall or turn a stairway into a gallery space. If you like to rotate your art, you can place it on a ledge shelf.

Small and compact room walls or spaces without windows will benefit the most from the beach wall prints as they will provide a calming effect and take your mind away from the closed setting. The wide space of the beach and the expansion of the see will make your room look more spacious, too.

Make sure the beach print for sale you pick have a museum quality finish or a similar value. Not all canvases are made equal. Hence, matte coated polycotton canvas has no glare and eliminates all chances to disturb your viewing experience. Row canvas prints look great without a frame, but framing the canvas print is easy and shouldn’t make you much trouble. Pinewood or solid timber frames are excellent options for framing.

Coastal Decorative Mirrors

Coastal decorative mirror

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Enhancing the look of your walls with coastal mirrors is another great way to bring the cozy, beach vibes into your home. There’s a number of designer styles and different materials to choose from: rattan, wicker, beach wood, nautical rope – all equally great for creating a coastal mood. Rattan, also known as manila or malacca, is a natural material the popularity of which is on the rise these days. And no wonder, since it’s the strongest wood (acquired from climbing palms) considered the best for production of woven furniture. Thanks to its strong and solid core, rattan is very durable and hard to break.

Mirrors are especially helpful when you want to spruce up the look of your bathroom, since this space doesn’t offer much room for decor. Decorating with coastal-inspired designer bathroom mirrors made from high-quality rattan can add some depth and sophistication to this room. Although practical, rattan mirrors (and rattan everything, honestly) are created to draw attention to their craftsmanship. Be it a flower, fish, ladder, or a hoop shape – look for a design that will bring a true beach touch.

Because mirrors also have a purposeful use, don’t overlook functionality when choosing. For instance, a leaning ladder rattan mirror may be a more practical alternative to your typical hanging mirror. It’s a full-length option that offers extra functionality thanks to the side rungs – where you can hang towels, scarves and even your jewellery.

Lightweight and sturdy designer bathroom mirrors allow you to hang them anywhere you want (be it the bathroom, hallway, living room, nursery room etc). Set one against the navy blue textured wallpaper in a bathroom and complete the coastal look, or achieve a statement full of elegance and grace with a gallery wall in the hallway. For instance, If you choose a larger rectangular rattan mirror, you can place it in the foyer and make your space look bigger – one of many purposes of wall mirrors for an impressive interior.

Coral Shadow Boxes

Coral shadow boxes

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Is there anyone who doesn’t love beautiful corals? Displaying coral patterns is on-trend at home and having it in a shadow box is a perfect way to present this ocean motif and bring it to life. Coastal shadowboxes are glass-enclosed displays that keep corals safe and add a peaceful coastal mood to your walls in any part of the house.

Any coral motif you can think of: starfish, urchin, seahorse, coral reef, shells – will look eclectic, yet stylish when framed in a neutral wood shadowbox. Hung on a wall, or styled on the shelf – a well-made shadowbox with corals is a definite eye-catching point.