Purposeful Decorating: How to Create a Welcoming and Stylish Living Room

The living room is the place where you spend a lot of time during the day. It’s also the place where you entertain friends and family. For that reason, you should try and make it as cosy and inviting as you possibly can. Plus, it’s a chance for you to show off your personal style and make an impression on everyone visiting your home. 

A Fold Out Sofa to Spread Out on Whenever You Want

tan sectional pull put bed sleeper sofa
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If you’re looking for something that’s both convenient and timeless then you should go for fold out sofa beds. These sofas that can be transformed into sleeping beds are space-saving and incredibly useful for when you have family or friends sleeping over. During the day your sofa can be as basic as they come, but during the night you can create a real sleeping oasis out of it. You don’t need to have a spare bedroom for guests. All you need is to pick out a sofa bed for sale with a pull-out mechanism that can make a guest room out of the living room.

Most fold out beds on the market have a modern and contemporary design. You can find exactly the colour you want, choose from various material types (leather, cotton, linen) and go for something sleek and simple or a bulky three-seater. Apart from transforming the sofa into a bed, you can also adjust the angle of the backrest and armrests so that you can relax on your sofa in utmost comfort.

What adds to the comfort is the thick and padded seat and backrest that offer you support in all the right places and allow you to loosen up. You’ll never want to leave your sofa again. Taking all into consideration, the fold out beds on the market are ideal both for day-to-day use and for accommodating guests. It’s the piece of furniture that will make your living room look stylish, chic and up–to–date but at the same time cosy, warm and inviting. Everything you could ever want from a piece of furniture and more.

Include Cosy Rugs and Throw Pillows

Cosy Rugs and Throw Pillows
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The one thing that can tie the whole room together and improve the visual appearance is the rug. It’s as simple as that. You just need to find the right rug to match the style in your room. You can use the rug as a centrepiece or to accentuate separate areas/furniture. You can even use multiple rugs as long as they look good together.

The colours of the rug(s) you end up choosing need to match the colours in the room. After all, the rug is supposed to improve the aesthetic of the room, not ruin it. Material-wise you can choose a classic wool rug, silk rug, cotton rug, bamboo rug, faux fur rug or polyester rug. Just make sure the rug is easy for you to maintain.

The throw pillows can further add a pop of colour to your furniture if it is monochrome, and they also give character to the room. They make a big difference. Apart from making the furniture more comfortable, they make the room seem more luxurious.  

Decorate the Walls to Add Character

brown wallpaper
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Once you’re done with the furniture and floor, you should move on to the walls. Wall decorations shouldn’t be taken for granted. Through wall decor, you can add colour to the room as well as texture. Wall decor can leave quite an impression and transform a room from ordinary to extraordinary. Also, you get a chance to show off your artistic side, amaze everyone around you and add character and charm to your home.  

You can add clean and simple frames with abstract art, family photos, metal wall art, paint a mural or install wallpapers. Whatever you decide to do, it will reflect your personality and your passion for all things fine. After all, how appealing can empty walls be in comparison to walls covered in art?

Include a Blend of Light Fixtures to Create Mood 

light fixtures
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Lights and light fixtures are just as important when it comes to interior decor. Despite being a decoration of their own, lights that are strategically placed inside a room accentuate all the right things and make the room look majestic when night falls.

You can combine a centrally placed chandelier with small wall lights that create a romantic atmosphere. That way your living room will be bright but also stylish-looking. If you want to go simple, choose a minimalist chandelier. It will fill out the space nicely at the same time not making the room look crowded and over-decorated. Minimalist chandeliers are also very easy to maintain which is something you should keep in mind before making a choice. And of course, you need to get the size right. You don’t want the chandelier to overpower the rest of the decor but it also shouldn’t stay unnoticed.   

Get Indoor Plants to Make It Fresher 

indoor plant
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Finally, to make your living room lively, consider adding indoor plants. What better way to add a pop of green than by doing so with plants and flowers? You can arrange the pots however you think is suitable (there are many ways to display houseplants in your home) and enjoy the view. Indoor plants can improve your mood, lower your stress levels and anxiety and purify the air you’re breathing.  

Then again, they also make a statement and make the room look more appealing. You can pick low-maintenance plants if you’re someone with a busy schedule. That way you will be able to admire their beauty without putting much effort into keeping them alive. Among the most popular indoor plants are the monster deliciosa (swiss cheese plant), the devil’s ivy, peace lilies, anthurium and the rubber plant. But, you can also go for a couple of cacti and succulents which are well known to be plants that take neglect very well. Plus they’re small and will fit in your decor in a subtle way.