Purposeful Footwear: How to Choose Comfortable Men Shoes

Did you know that by wearing uncomfortable shoes, you’re running the risk for developing various bodily ailments like back pain, pain in your knees, ankles, and hips, and even cause arthritis and damage the soft tissues around these areas? Not to mention the foot pain that always comes along, accompanied by blisters, callouses, and an overall unhealthy state of your feet.

Your feet are one of the most important parts of your body as they are responsible for proper balance and good health in all the aforementioned areas. So, by putting them in an uncomfortable pair of shoes, you’re not doing yourself any favours, no matter how good the shoes might look on the outside.

When someone mentions ladies’ or comfortable shoes for men, most people picture those weird-looking boat-like models. However, today’s designs of comfortable shoes have greatly evolved since they first appeared on the market. A comfortable men’s shoe can be any shoe that’s of good quality and make that fits your foot just right and provides the support you need throughout the day.

Let’s go over the three things you really need to pay attention to, to buy yourself men’s comfortable shoes online or in-store that just won’t let you down!


picture of comfortable men's shoes on a blue background beside a watch and pair of glasses
source: Mnz on Unsplash

You know those callouses and blisters we talked about? Well, those are all caused by shoes that are not the right size for you. Sometimes it might seem like the shoes we’re buying are a perfect match only to find out later on that we were wrong and a size bigger or smaller was a better option.

When you’re buying shoes in-store, you should always wear a pair of socks that you usually wear with your other shoes. Or, you can wear the socks you plan to wear with the specific pair if you’re buying something for a special occasion. This way, you’ll make sure you get a real feel of the shoes and see how good they fit your feet. Also, walk around a bit to see how they move and if your toes or heel feel uncomfortable.

If you’re buying online, there are usually detailed size charts available with measures expressed in centimetres. This is a great solution for online shopping, as it really gives you a real insight into what your shoe size is. If you border between two sizes, always go with the bigger one. This method is actually a very old one, coming from way beyond the days of the Internet, where stores placed ads in newspapers and magazines and sent orders out by mail. The practice then was to outline your feet on a piece of paper and send that in to be fitted.

You can use the paper method today too, only marking the top and the bottom of your foot and measuring the length.


picture of a person on the street riding a skateboard with cool design sneakers and long socks
source: Budgeron Bach on Pexels

Even if you’re buying sneakers, which are usually thought of as the ultimate comfort shoe that’s the perfect fit for casual streetwear outfits, you’ll need to mind the design and really pay attention to how the shoe is made. This becomes more important the more formal the shoe is, as formal shoes are usually the ones to blame for the most blisters and overall foot pain.

By minding their design and knowing your feet, you can pick a shoe that will follow the path of your foot instead of your foot trying to cram itself inside something that just wasn’t meant for it. For example, if you have broad feet and stubby toes, don’t opt for a narrow-tipped shoe. It’s just going to cause you pain and no matter how good you look, you won’t feel the same on the inside. Instead, opt for a nice shoe with a rounded tip that will give your foot enough space to move around as you walk.

For more casual shoes, the same rule applies. Pay attention to how the inside of the shoe is made, if anything protrudes toward the inside, how the back of the shoe is designed. These are all points that can cause you discomfort, and for a sneaker, for example, that’s basically the worst betrayal. They’re supposed to be comfortable!


picture of a person standing on a wooden panel, wearing black jeans and blue sneakers
source: Alexandra Tran on Unsplash

Aside from it being an extremely important factor in the comfort and freedom of your feet, the material is also crucial in how the shoe will perform in the long run, how it will treat your feet if it will cause any bad odors to develop, and so on. Usually, natural materials are best, but you can go with synthetic too, as long as the design is good and the material is breathable.

For more formal comfortable mens shoes, always opt for soft leather, well-made faux leather, or a nice suede. These materials will let your foot breathe, while also being bendy enough to follow its lead and let it move as it needs.

Causal comfy shoes for men are those made of similar materials like the ones I mentioned before, or a synthetic one that will let the feet breathe. Make sure the soles are also made of a good, sturdy material that will provide the stability you need and won’t let your feet feel the ground they walk on.