Reasons to Install LED Troffer Lights: What to Consider When Buying

LED lighting has become the norm over the past few years. LEDs are the ideal solution for illumination in residential and commercial settings. One form of LED lighting that has risen in popularity in the past few years, in particular, is LED panel lighting. LED panel lighting provides the best of all worlds – more light, lower maintenance and longer lifespan. If you’re looking to replace your current lighting, or you’re just now creating an office space, LED troffer lights can be the most reliable, affordable and easy to install solution. Here are more reasons to buy LED panel lighting, and what you’ll need to consider when doing so.

What to Consider When Buying LED Panels?

LED light with a lot of power

Size and Position

The size and the position of LED troffer lights are the two most important factors to consider when shopping. There are multiple panel sizes that are popular, including 600×600, 120×30, 1300×300, etc. That being said, you have to consider how much lighting is needed in your room, which is determined by the room’s size. Furthermore, you have to consider whether you’re replacing an old lighting system, or will you need to install an entirely new grid. LED drivers generally come with plug and socket connectors for a quick and seamless installation.

Illumination Power

Conventional fluorescents waste a big portion of the energy they produce. That energy is released as heat rather than light. On the other hand, LED panels provide a wider beam, angle and only lose about 5-10% of the energy they produce to heat. As a result, you get brighter, more consistent lighting on the same amount of power. So, if you are replacing your old lighting which consisted of fluorescent lights, and the system included 5 lights, for example, you may get away with installing just 3 LED lighting fixtures in their place. These 3 LEDs will produce more light, and save you more money down the road. Now that’s efficiency.

Colour Temperature

The colour temperature is another factor to consider. It refers to the type of light the LED panels illuminate, and it’s represented in Kelvin. Different rooms will require different colour temperatures. For instance, 5000K lights are ideal for work environments, as that’s the closest colour temperature to natural daylight. Anything more than that is considered warm, which will make the light appear more yellow-ish. These lights are suitable for use in nursing homes, where softer, warm colours are preferred. Anything less than 5000K is considered cool, and the lights in that range emit a brighter, bluer light. These lights are suitable for retail, schools and other commercial areas. Most LED panels illuminate cool, white lighting.

Reasons to Get LED Panels

As you can tell, there are many benefits to implementing LED troffer lights. They prevent leakage, provide energy-efficient and modern lighting, resulting in money savings in the long run. These benefits are crucial not just for residential settings, but also businesses, which makes them some of the most attractive solutions. Furthermore, you won’t have to maintain them as often, and switching them on and off repeatedly won’t impact their longevity as much as other types of lighting. Not to mention, they’re extremely easy and quick to install. On top of all this, they come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, are suitable for a wide range of applications, including emergency lighting.

Types of LED Panels According to Shape

Led light in lower white mode

Now that you’ve decided to go for LED troffers, it’s time to consider which ones to choose. There are many different types that have varying capabilities. Some of the most popular types in terms of shape include:

Square and Rectangular LED Panels

Most LED panels are rectangular or square shaped. The most commonly bought ones are 600×600, but other popular dimensions are 300×300, 300×600, 620×620, 600×1200,etc. Your ideal choice will depend on your personal needs and preferences.

Round Panels

Round panels are typically used in suspended installations. They’re another popular choice simply because they provide a low-profile, attractive look, plus bright illumination. Just like square and rectangular LED panels, they’re available in a wide range of sizes.

Types of LED Panels According to Mount

Great looking LED light with long shape

Based on the way LED panels can be mounted, they’re categorised as surface-mounted or recessed. Again, the most suitable type for you will depend on personal needs and preferences.


Surface-mounted LED panels are thicker and are designed to fit on more types of surfaces. They’re usually fitted by screwing brackets onto their mounting surface, and attaching the panels to that bracket. As a result, you won’t need to cut out a mounting hole.

Recessed LED Panels

These panels are slimmer, and are designed to flush against the mounting surface without protruding. They’re usually situated inside a cutout hole in the mounting surface, and are tightly held using side springs, similarly to MR16 or GU10 housings and fittings.