Scooter Helmet – A Piece of Protective Gear with a Pivotal Purpose

Wondering do you have to wear a helmet on a scooter? Despite the fact that scooters have become insanely popular all over the world, still, each country and state has its own rules and regulations when it comes to helmet usage. In some areas, helmets are legally required while in others, wearing one is completely at your own discretion. Given that electric scooters can reach speeds of up to 40km/h, falling off or crashing into another vehicle or obstacle without a helmet could result in a serious injury.


In Australia, scooters are legal in all states and territories to some extent. The laws across the country have been recently changed to accommodate this new way of transportation. Despite this, only four of them explicitly require all scooter riders to wear helmets by law, including the Australian Capital Territory, South Australia, Tasmania and Queensland. The others just encourage helmets to be worn. My advice? Always wear one, even if not mandatory. While a helmet may not be the most fashionable of accessories, it provides a level of protection that should never be taken for granted. It protects your skull and therefore your brain, which is one of the most import parts of your body. Remember the old saying “It is always better to safe than be sorry”. Well, you might as well just stick to it.

The Importance of Wearing a Helmet

When you wear a scooter helmet while riding, you are less likely to suffer from a serious head injury in case a crash occurs. You may have different reasons not to wear a helmet: it is uncomfortable, it messes up your hair, it is too hot, etc., but these excuses aren’t enough. There are tons of statistics that prove that helmets save lives and reduce the risk of head trauma.

The majority of fatalities in accidents related to scooters and bicycle occur because of injuries to the head. By wearing a helmet, you can reduce the severity of the head injury. In other words, while wearing a helmet does not completely prevent a head injury, it provides a cushion for blow. So, if you want to be able to enjoy scooting for years to come, you should always wear a scooter helmet.

Choosing the Right Helmet


Wondering what type of helmet for scooter you should choose? Well, definitely not the first one you find. Instead, you should get the right helmet for your activity, make sure it fits properly and most importantly, that it meets the safety standards. Make sure you buy a helmet that is approved by the correct agency for the activity, such as the Department of Transportation or the Consumer Products Safety Commissions. When the helmet is placed on the head, it should fit comfortably and snuggly, but not too tight. It should sit level on the head and not from side to side. It should come with a chin strap and buckle to ensure it stays in place as well as with a hard outer shell and an absorbent liner about one-half inch thick.

Considering the fact that rotational forces may result in more complex brain injuries, helmet manufacturers have developed an array of technologies to minimize rotational forces during a crash. So, for further peace of mind, you may decide that the additional cost of specialized technologies is worth considering.

You can also choose a helmet in a bright colour to make yourself more visible to other traffic participants. You can also use stickers, letters or other things of your interest to personalize your helmet and make it more your style. Sometimes, decorating a helmet or adding some personality to it can make you want to wear it more.


With the range of helmets available today in different prices and styles, there is no need to put off buying a helmet any longer. Wearing a helmet can avoid you a lot of suffering, pain, and expense in the event of a crash. You can buy scooter helmets from various sporting goods retailers. You can also order one online as long as you make sure you choose the right size.

Keep in mind that sizing numbers may differ slightly among helmet brands, so make sure to always double-check head circumference of the size you are considering. Also, different brands use different shapes for helmet mods, so it’s a good idea to try helmets on at a store to see if one brand fits your head shape particularly well. If you’re buying your helmet online, make sure to check the vendor’s return policy in case the item you order is not the right fit for you.