Slot Car Racing: Exploring the World of Scalextric

Few things are as enjoyable and gratifying as taking time off your busy schedule to indulge in a hobby that you love. Not only does it provide an escape from the stress of daily life, but it also offers the chance to become immersed in a fascinating and dynamic world. We all have something that we love doing – some of us may prefer to craft and build things, while others may like playing musical instruments or creating digital art.

If you’ve always had a fascination for racing cars, but like the majority of people don’t have the means to build an actual racing car or take one to the track, then you may want to explore slot car racing with Scalextric. You can either do this by yourself or spend some quality time with your family and keep your kids entertained in the process.

What Items Can You Find at Scalextric?

scalextric race cars

When you take a closer look at the exciting range of model cars and accessories Scalextric Australia covers you’ll be truly amazed. The brand’s dedication to quality and innovation, which has earned them a worldwide reputation of excellence, is evident in the selection of products they carry.

Scale Car Sets

Kicking things off with the heart and soul of a Scalextric RC model set – the cars themselves. As you browse through the collection, you’ll find that these are made to the highest standards, featuring detailed car bodies and authentic liveries that you would expect to find in real-life motorsport events.

For instance, the Jaguar F-Type Scalextric Racing Car is an absolute beauty to behold with its eye-catching design and vivid colour scheme. It comes with a powerful Mabuchi motor and adjustable undercarriage that allows you to customise the handling of your car.

Another noteworthy mention is the Ford XW Falcon. This is a highly detailed and accurate replica of the iconic race car from 1969 which features a robust steel guide blade and aluminium rear axle. The way it looks and handles on the track is truly mesmerising, with a smooth performance that won’t let you down.

Tracks and Guardrails

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Once you’ve assembled your Scalextric RC racing set, you’ll need to give it a home – and that’s where the tracks come in. The selection of tracks and guardrails is expansive, ranging from the classic 1/32 scale tracks to intricate layouts that bring out the true potential of your racing car.

They normally feature guardrails and a variety of curves that allow you to create captivating circuits with lots of exciting features. This includes chicanes, bridges, loop-the-loops and elevated sections to create a thrilling racing experience that you won’t forget. Some of the more expansive sets even come with a lap counter, lane changers and extra straights for even more fun.

Digital Chips

In addition to the core components of the racing set, Scalextric Australia offers digital chips that allow you to race up to six cars at once. These are basically wireless hand controllers with a digital chip embedded inside that allow you to digitally control your car and keep track of lap times.

The chips also come with a range of features such as race management systems, adjustable speed settings and real-time data logging that give you a detailed overview of your performance. They have an extremely low power consumption and are compatible with all Scalextric RC cars.


scalextric race cars

No scale model set would be complete without a controller. The Scalextric controllers are among the most advanced in the industry, offering features such as adjustable throttle and brake control, a trigger-style accelerator and even an integrated cooling fan.

These controllers also come with two powerful motors that deliver a smooth and consistent performance, allowing you to finely tune your car for optimum speed on the track. Additionally, they’re ergonomically designed for comfort and have a low-profile design that makes them easy to store away.

Power Sources

Every RC model set needs a power source to run its cars, ranging from standard 9V battery packs to rechargeable LiPo batteries. The latter is particularly popular due to its higher power output and lack of memory effect, leading to a more efficient performance on the track.

Scalextric models have a wide variety of power sources, including the popular Powerbase Pit Lane Set which allows you to charge up to four cars at once. In addition, the 9V power supply for cars can be used as an alternative to batteries, allowing you to enjoy Scalextric racing for long periods of time without having to worry about running out of juice.

Lap Counters

One of the most important features of any Scalextric racing set is the lap counter. This allows you to keep track of your laps and view a detailed summary of your performance, with many models even offering a real-time display of your race results.

In addition, some advanced lap counters have features such as automatic speed and lap times, adjustable timers and even Wi-Fi connectivity for remote monitoring. This gives you the ability to delve deeper into the performance of your cars and make adjustments to maximise their speed and efficiency on the track.