The Different Types of Makeup Brushes and Their Different Purposes

In the world of beauty, you know you’ve become a real grown-up woman when you realize you have amassed an entire collection of makeup brushes and know how to use each one correctly. There is an entire universe of brush types that have different applications – many of them come with different bristles, shapes, and sizes, so you really need to know what you need it for to make the right pick.

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Brushes with different bristles work differently. For example, synthetic bristles work great for liquid makeup while brushes with natural bristles provide a nice finish. The ones with firm and compressed bristles work great for applying makeup with a lot of different colours. On the other hand, there are looser-packed makeup powder brushes that are ideal for applying powder, lighter makeup and for highlighting.

Once you decide on the type of bristle you want, make sure the brush you choose will be easy to clean so you can avoid the spreading of bacteria. And last but not least, do not make your final choice based on the price only. There are many expensive brushes on the market but that doesn’t mean they are good, you should do some research upfront and see which brands sell quality products. Now let’s take a look at the different types of brushes and their distinct uses.

makeup powder brushes

Powder brush

This type of brush has long, soft and fluffy bristles. The purpose of makeup powder brushes is to dust your face with compact or loose powder without dispensing too much product and making you look like a ghost. A quality powder brush will help you to touch up and set your makeup without being afraid that you may remove any of the other makeup products present on your skin. Also, depending on the size you choose, you can use this brush for applying bronzer or blush.

Blush brush

Compared to makeup powder brushes, blush brushes are a bit smaller and feature a dome shape with super-soft and long bristles. Their design makes it possible for you to apply more concentrated product while still allowing you to build and blend colours. The bristles will help you pick up the right amount of blush and apply it to your skin – just make sure you shake the brush off before using it. The angled bristles enable precise application with natural effects.

Contour brush

As its name suggests, this brush is used for contouring and it is the perfect tool when you want to emphasize some specific areas of your face and give them more shape. These brushes are usually angled and have dense, soft bristles which allow for easy applying of a concentrated amount of bronzer without much effort. The brush should fit perfectly under your cheekbone allowing for perfect contouring.

Foundation brush

This brush is available in two different shapes: tapered and rounded. The first one features flexible bristles and gently tapered edges which make it ideal for applying cream and liquid foundation. The second type features densely packed bristles which can pick up and apply foundation perfectly regardless of its structure: liquid, powder or cream. Also, the rounded shape along with the bristles are the perfect combination for blending the products during the application.