The Purpose of Getting Replacement Lenses for Your Ray Bans

Ray Ban is one of the most iconic eyewear brands that has been making functional and stylish sunglasses for over 80 years now. Originally, Ray Ban lenses were used to help pilots protect their eyes from the strong sun rays, but the brand grew in popularity thanks to the huge influence it had in Hollywood. Today, all Ray Ban sunglasses feature UV protection and are made using materials of superior quality.

There are many different pairs of Ray Ban sunglasses, from classic to contemporary, fit for every face shape. They look great and feel wonderful, so it’s very easy to become attached to them. If not yourself, then you probably know someone who’s a big fan of their Ray Bans. However, they are no stranger to damages or regular wear and tear. So, what can one do to protect their Ray Bans and keep them for longer?

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Taking Care of Your Ray Bans the Right Way

The longevity of a product is one of the ways people judge how good it is, and Ray Ban has proven it already. But regardless of the quality, taking proper care is essential. There are three ways you could do it, starting with protection, regular cleaning and finally, getting your Ray Ban replacement lenses.

Very often we see people perch sunglasses on their head, or hang them off the front of their shirt, but these are not good ideas if you want to keep them longer. They can either fall off easily or get scratched, so if you want your Ray Bans to stay in a good shape as the first day, the most important thing to do is put them in their case when not wearing them. In case you forgot the case or maybe you’ve lost it, whenever you take off your sunglasses, make sure to place them upside down. Another mistake many of us make unintentionally, is putting them lens-down. That way they get scratched more easily and the same goes for throwing them in your pocket or purse.

Taking good care of your Ray Bans also includes cleaning them properly. Dirt and fingerprints are the most common enemies, and many of us have the tendency to use our T-shirt or blouse, or any paper towel that comes at hand and clean our sunglasses without knowing that these materials can scratch them. The best thing to use for cleaning your Ray Bans is a microfiber cloth. You can wash the microfiber cloth regularly and mix it with other towels, just avoid using fabric softeners and dryer sheets. To avoid scratches, don’t wipe the lenses when they’re dry, instead use a gentle lens solution. If you’re wearing prescription sunglasses, you may need to be extra careful when cleaning them as the lenses are usually more delicate than non-prescription ones.

If your lenses get scratched or damaged, or you just want to refresh the look of your shades, you can opt for Ray Ban replacement lenses. The main reason why many people get replacement lenses is that they can keep their favourite pair of sunglasses for a lot less than buying a new pair. Also, it’s very convenient as the process is easy and simple, so you can easily do it at home.

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Easy and Simple Replacement Process

Before ordering your new Ray Ban lenses, look inside the left temple of your sunglasses, where you can find the specification codes needed. The Ray Ban style code begins with RB, followed by four numbers, while the lens colour code can be anywhere from three to seven-digit numbers, sometimes including letters, too. The lens size code is the two-digit number which you can find before the square symbol. To find the right replacement lenses you’ll need style code and lens size code. If you want to get the same coloured lenses as your old ones, you can use the lens colour code, or try a new colour instead.

Once you have your new lenses, it’s time to remove the damaged ones. Hold your Ray Ban frames with the lenses facing towards you and your arms pointing away from you. Then wrap your fingers around the frames gently and press the frames onwards with your thumbs placed at either end of the lens. Keep a light tension with your fingers around the nosepiece and the corner of the lens frame, preventing it from snapping, until the lens pops backwards out of the frame. Repeat the same process with the other lens and you’re ready to replace them.

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Now you need to turn the sunglasses around so that the temples point towards you. Place the new lens inside of the frame and put your fingers around the frame, keeping thumbs on your side the whole time. Then press gently and evenly until the lens pops into place and keep little pressure around the edges of the replacement lens until it’s fully attached. The same applies to the other lens, and you’re done.

If the task seems complicated and makes you feel like you can’t do the repair work by yourself, you can always send your sunglasses for repair service. You can even order custom made sunglass lenses if you can’t find the ones that suit your frames.

How Can You Tell if the Ray Bans are Fake?

As one of the most popular brands, Ray Ban is one of the most imitated brands as well. You can easily tell if a pair of Ray Bans is fake or not by simply looking for the RB etched onto the corner of the left lens. If it’s there, make sure it’s not low quality or painted on the sunglasses. Also, a real pair of sunglasses will always come with an official Ray Ban case featuring the Ray Ban logo and a branded cleaning cloth as well. If these are missing, you should definitely check your purchase.