The Purpose of Professional Dog Interstate Transport

When you’re relocating to a different part of the country, it’s only natural that you take the whole family along. And if you’re a dog owner, family means all the people living in your home, plus your furry friend. While moving can be stressful on its own, when it involves taking your dog, the process can become troublesome for both parties. How can you explain to Charlie that you’re going to a brand new place? And how can you ease your furry friend’s anxiety during the whole trip?

dog interstate transport

There are a lot of things  you can do to prepare your dog for the trip, but when it involves long distance travel, it’s probably for the best to live it to the professionals. For one, dogs are like kids, meaning they do not enjoy long trips and will definitely not sit still. But professionals that deal with dog interstate transport have the whole process perfectly figured out. They can provide you with door to door pick up and drop off and make sure the trip goes smoothly by securing the dog in a comfortable travel kennel.

And when you’re moving thousands of kilometers away, like for instance from Perth to the bustling Sydney, air travel will be the only way your best friend can comfortably travel to his new home. But even domestic airline travel involves a lot of rules for shipping animals which you may not be completely aware of. The pet transport company will take care of every step along the way, starting from booking the flight, to providing an airline approved kennel, check in at the airport, boarding, and all the way to shipping your dog from the airport to his final destination. Moreover, because of their connections, they can book the most direct flight route possible and provide you with express same day service if you need your dog transported urgently.

Same as your dog, you can also feel anxious about the trip. You won’t probably get a text from Charlie saying he’s almost there, nor will the airline provide you with feedback on how the animal is doing. But entrusting your buddy to a service that specializes in dog interstate travel will not only make the trip easier for the pet, but will also give you a piece of mind. A pet transport company will provide you with a detailed travel itinerary, so you will know the complete route. Moreover, they will be happy to provide you with updates of the dog interstate transport and give the animal any medications it may need. You can even ask for photos from Charlie’s big trip and see how he’s doing.