The Purpose of Standing Desk Riser? Make Work Easier and Workers Active

One of the main problems today, sedentary behaviour, may seem harmless yet it’s responsible for a series of chronic health conditions, such as diabetes, obesity, certain types of cancer as well as cardiovascular issues.

Even though most of us are aware of the dangers, we still tend to lead a sedentary lifestyle, be it at home or at work. You might find it easier to shift to a healthier lifestyle at your spare time, as opposed to work, however, there’s a solution to minimising the sedentary behaviour at the workplace too: the standing desk riser.

Unlike traditional desks, this accessory is ergonomic because it’s designed to give you the best of both sitting and standing while working. You wouldn’t even have to replace your desk, just purchase a desk riser and you have the chance to adjust it as you see fit, depending on the height you require to work standing.


If you need extra adjustability, you could purchase a standing desk riser that comes with monitor arm, allowing you to position and adjust the height of the monitors too. A feature that comes in handy in their design is the USB charging port and if you want to make the desk organised, get a cable organiser.

What makes the desk riser an ergonomic desk accessory that’s so beneficial? Other than giving workers a chance to work while standing, it proves to support health and well-being outside the worplace too as it makes an individual more active while at the same time work becomes easier; It’s even been the subject of many studies and research papers.

While standing for hours on end without sitting can be considered just as bad as sitting out all the working hours, alternating between the two happens to bring about most benefits; remember, moderation is the key.

What happens when you decide to shift from sitting to standing is an increase in productivity due to the improvement in concentration, resulting in enhanced quality of work thanks to the higher levels of alertness.

It’s not difficult to see how investing in desk risers turns to be beneficial for the company as a whole since work gets done in a timely manner, workers are happy, and there’s a decline in the discomfort responsible for the many sick leaves and compensation claims, such as those related to back, shoulder and neck pain to begin with.

Likewise, risers promote health in terms of better posture for the workers, more physical movement as well as help prevent conditions like the MSDs (Musculoskeletal Disorders).