The Purpose of Walker Rollators & the Benefits of Using These Mobility Aids

If you or a loved one needs help walking safely, your best bet is relying on mobility aids. Accepting this can be difficult for some people – some may regard having to use a mobility device as loss of independence, while others may feel more secure because their chances of falling are reduced. Whatever the case may be, mobility aids can help users to feel more independent because they won’t have to rely on another person to help them get around.

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The walking rollator is one of the most commonly used mobility aids Australia wide. It is a four-legged frame that allows an individual to lean on it for support, balance, and rest. Usually made out of aluminium, these mobility aids are light enough to be picked up and moved effortlessly. You can easily find these mobility aids Australia wide with comfort grips made of foam, gel or rubber to enhance the user’s comfort. The tips of the legs are usually covered with rubber caps to prevent slipping and improve stability. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits they provide.

Practical for Outdoor Use

Walker rollators are often mistaken for an indoor mobility aid when, in fact, they work pretty well outdoors. Since they are foldable and light, they can easily be placed in the boot of a car or other form of transport. Some models can even be used on rougher terrains, which may be appealing to adventurous individuals.


When visiting different mobility aids Australia retailers, you will see that prices can vary greatly for different products. A walker rollator is an affordable option for a number of disabilities. Whether it is used full-time or just occasionally, the purchase of this mobility aid is a solid economic choice.

Height Adjustable

Walker rollators are height adjustable, which means users can adjust them to match their comfort and stability needs. Whether the user is tall, short or somewhere in between, the mobility aid can be calibrated to his/her proportions and unique needs.

Users can Sit On Them

One of the greatest things about these walkers is that the user can sit on them. They are very useful in public venues, such as shopping centres, as they allow the user to take a break and rest their feet.

Useful When Exercising

An individual with a mobility disability often can’t exercise and remain active. Thanks to the added support a walker rollator offers, users can exercise independently and with confidence.