Tips for Creating a Statement Look with Men’s Hoodies

Men’s fashion is no longer an afterthought. In the world of today, there are many men who follow the trends and want to look stylish even when they wear casual clothes. Such is the case with hoodies for men. These pieces of streetwear have spiked in popularity in the past decade and that’s for some very good reasons.

mens hoodies

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Comfortable, cozy, stylish, and easily paired, hoodies for men can be found in everyone’s closet. They are a great way to make a fashion statement. Just pick a model with a cool print and in the right colour and you’ll be golden.

But what exactly falls under the category ‘hoodie’?

Sweatshirts, jackets and jumpers that have a hood can all be called hoodies. In the past, they were commonly worn when doing sporting activities, however, nowadays, mens hoodies can be seen on both boys and girls on a variety of occasions. People love them because they are very comfy and snuggly, mainly made of cotton and wool. They usually come with large pockets making them that much more convenient and easy to wear.

Wondering how to style mens hoodies? Here are some outstanding ideas.

Stick to Monochromatic Tones

Monochromatic hoodies ooze sophistication and are the perfect choice when you want to create a no-fuss look. You can go all black, combining your hoodie with a pair of black jeans and colourful sneakers. Or you can pick a bolder option, and go with all-white or grey, for example. Pick whatever colour you like best and combine it with your favourite jeans.

leather jacket on top of a hoodie

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Add Layers

While sure, wearing a hoodie and jeans is okay, you can always take your outfit next level. Try wearing a cool t-shirt underneath the hoodie, or maybe a statement jacket on top of it. Try a couple of variations to see which one suits your physique and taste best and rock it!

Wearing a leather jacket on top of a hoodie is one of the hottest trends right now. When adding layers, feel free to mix and match materials, colours and prints. When combined with a leather jacket, men hoodies get a different appeal. Pairing these two completely different pieces of clothing will make you look like a mysterious guy with a soft side. You can wear this iconic combo with leather pants, jeans, and even sweatpants.

Pair It with Tailored Outfits

A hoodie can add liveliness to your tailored clothes that are reserved for sophisticated occasions. Has it occurred to you that you can wear your classic tailored dark grey pants (yes, the ones you wear for business meetings or elegant dinner dates) with a cool hoodie in whatever colour you want? Put on your favourite white sneakers to balance out the outfit and slay in style!

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Pick Interesting Blends

Make room in your wardrobe for diverse and statement-making men’s urban hoodies. Pick models with zippers, prints, and in larger sizes than you usually wear. You can also find jackets with a hoodie as well as hoodie-blazers. Go ahead and try which pieces best suit your style and pick the ones that speak best to your personality and taste.

Combine Your Hoodie with a Coat

Staying warm and looking stylish might seem like mission impossible when it’s freezing outside. And this is where the hoodie + coat combination comes to the rescue, winning you some serious style points. This is a great look that gives off a superb street fashion vibe.