The Role Of Road Freight Sector In Australian Trucking Industry

The road freight sector plays an important role in the Australian trucking industry and a quite important one in the overall economy of the country. Compared to water, rail and air freight sectors, the road freight sector dominates the Australian market and there are many reasons why. For starters, road freight transportation is reliable and convenient. Moreover, it has competitive prices, affordable for both small and big businesses. Whether for transportation of non-bulk freight within the state or across the country, most business owners decide to rely on road freight transportation, thus some rent, while others buy trucks and other commercial vehicles.

Australia’s population density is very low and the distances between states are lengthy, which means the Australian economy heavily relies on the transportation sector. Speaking in numbers, the road freight sector alone generates over $50 billion a year and employs over 190,000 people. Currently, Australia’s road freight transport sector encompasses around 43,000 businesses. Although the road freight sector is currently experiencing a slowdown, increased number of people who rent and buy trucks is expected, as well as a big growth of 5% is expected over the next 5 years.

The ever growing online market of trucks and other commercial vehicles is believed to impact the overall performance of the road freight sector, promising more opportunities for all licensed truck drivers and smaller businesses. Individuals and businesses can hire, sell and buy trucks online conveniently, which provides even more advantages and better customer service. With all said and done, we can conclude that the road freight sector plays a key role in the Australian trucking industry.

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