Turning to LED Products: A Purposeful Trend We Should All Follow

LED lighting has become the ultimate trend in the world of lighting in the past few years. And for a good reason. These energy-saving light sources last for years and offer tremendous versatility and flexibility. LED products are extremely popular for both industrial and residential uses as the advantages they offer far outweigh the ones of traditional lighting. Moreover, the rapid development of LED technology has the potential to fundamentally redefine (or should I say LEDefine) lighting. Let’s go through some of their biggest pros.

led-productsEnergy Efficient

Don’t let the higher prices of LED technology when compared to other artificial lighting stop you from getting the best. Over time, you’ll get 10 times more than what you initially paid for, believe me. You see, LED lighting can boast with an energy-efficiency of 80-90%. This means that about 80% of the electrical energy gets transformed into light, whereas traditional incandescent light bulbs have a 10-20% energy efficiency only and lose around 80% of the electricity as heat. What a huge difference! Equipping your home or business with some of the vast variety of LED products on the market means you’ll save tons of money on your electricity bill. Play it smart!


While a plain incandescent light bulb will need regular replacement every month or so, a LED one will make that inconvenience a thing of the past. With an incredible lifespan of 50 000 hours, you can use your LED light literally all day long for 5.7 years before having to buy a new one. That’s 33 times longer than a typical incandescent light bulb which will only last for about 1500 hours.



If you want to make a personal contribution to saving the environment, here’s a tip: replace all your light sources with LED ones. LED lights are free from dangerous chemicals, unlike conventional fluorescent light bulbs which consist of many toxic materials such as the much-feared mercury. Moreover, they are completely recyclable and will help reduce your carbon emissions by a third. And their above mentioned long life-span helps save on material and production effort – only one LED light instead of 25 incandescent ones. Truly a green solution. With LED lights the future is definitely bright!


With LEDs you no longer need to worry about leaving your lights on. They generate virtually no heat and can be left on for hours without the risk of exploding and catching fire. Plus, they are cool to the touch which makes them perfect for spaces with flammable materials and homes with small children playing around.

Bottom line is, by using LED lighting you can rest assured you’ll save a lot of things – your money, nerves, well-being and even the planet! Certainly worth a try.