What Is The Purpose Of A Jib Crane

One of the most versatile and all-purpose cranes used in wide range of applications is without doubt a jib crane. Although small in size when compared to tower or crawler crane, jib crane is extremely powerful piece of lifting equipment. For the most part, jib cranes are affixed to a wall or a pillar and feature a horizontal boom (also called a jib), movable chain hoist, drum, wire ropes or chains.


Majority of jib crane models come with on/off switch and stop button to ensure safe, fast and easy shifting of the horizontal jib which is essential not only for superior safety during operation, but also for meeting deadlines and absolute productivity. In addition, all jib cranes have accurate alignment of the horizontal boom, a crucial feature that ensures there are no unexpected moments of the jib during operation (when the crane is loaded). This also minimizes the risks of employee injury.

Because of their compact size, jib cranes are perfect solution for lifting tasks in smaller and tight areas. Additionally, given the fact that jib crane is easy to install since there are not many fundamental disadvantages as is the case with other types of lifting equipment, this crane type finds use in a wide range of applications. Designed to easily lift, move and lower loads that are of medium weight, jib crane is commonly used crane type in warehouses, production lines, ports, loading docks, assembly operations, individual work stations, etc.

Every jib crane, regardless of the model and manufacturer is developed with precision and with quality tested mechanisms which is why they are extremely durable, versatile and powerful. This makes them ideal loading and unloading solution that saves time, money and reduces the cost of manpower. Moreover, because jib crane can easily be relocated (moved from one location to another), it is your best option when it comes to:

  • Performing a wide variety of handling applications
  • Moving material and objects from one location to another
  • Supporting larger crane system
  • Performing lifting tasks in tight areas
  • Increasing payload
  • Increasing safety of your employees
  • Boosting productivity

Newer models feature low-resistance booms that is easy to rotate due to light weight what significantly lowers downtime and boosts overall productivity. All in all, jib crane offers high return on the investment.