Why American Craft Beer is so Popular in Australia

 Beer has been around for a very long time. It’s been popular as long as human civilization has been around, which means the art of crafting unique beers has been brought to a level of science. Craft beers, especially American ones, are the epitome of this, meaning you’ll be hard-pressed to find reasons to not drink them. Craft beers, in general, are great for a lot of reasons, especially American ones, which is why I’ve created this handy list for you.

 Richer Taste

 One of the main reasons beer, in general, has been so popular for all this time is its taste. There is nothing out there quite like beer, especially when you consider all different types of beers. However, the beers you buy at the store almost always have an inferior taste compared to craft beers, especially American beers. If you’re looking for something that offers a very unique flavour then you can’t go wrong with American craft beers because of their unparalleled taste. The focus of American made beer is always on taste, so you can always expect that no matter which American craft beer you pick, you’ll satisfy your taste buds and thirst.

 Incredible Variety

 If there’s one thing you can say about standard beers is that there isn’t enough variety on the market. That’s not because typical breweries are incapable of brewing a variety of beer, but rather because they know their market well. However, USA beers come in an enormous variety of packages, tastes, and flavours, so much so that you’ll be able to try new beers every single day for years. There are thousands upon thousands of American beer types in Australia, and that’s not counting the new ones that are bound to make their way over here sooner or later.

american craft beers
source: americancraftbeer.com

 Healthy Drink

 People tend to think that beer is not good for your health. While there are degrees of truth in that sentiment, the actual truth is a bit different. Beer, on its own, is definitely good for you, although not in extreme quantities. However, craft beers, especially American ones, contain a lot of antioxidants, protein, and vitamin B complex, all of which are especially good for your health. On top of that, American craft beer is a great source of silicon, which is an excellent guard against the gradual decline of the brain’s cognitive functions, according to recent studies. Drinking craft beer in moderation is excellent for your health due to its ingredients and method of brewing.

 Great for Conversations

 Everyone loves a good pint of beer. Its enduring popularity is certainly proof of that. Throughout history, people have documented not only their methods of brewing beer, but also their own preferences on the various types of beer, along with the ingredients chosen for brewing. That is pretty much exactly the case today, because you can safely expect to have a good conversation with pretty much anyone about good beer. American craft beers in Australia are no different. People won’t stop talking about beer, meaning it’s a great conversation topic that you can be sure you’ll be able to talk about for more than a hot minute.

american craft beer
source: pri.org

 Better Alcohol Range

 Most beer on the market has fallen into strict standards when it comes to alcohol volume. Most standard beers range between 2.5% and 5% alcohol, which has fuelled the sentiment that modern beer is merely beer-flavoured water. However, that’s not the case with craft beers, most notably American ones. They often have a higher range of alcohol, which can be typically 5% to 10%. Although, in some cases, that can go as high as 20%. That’s very potent for beer and has more alcohol percentage than your typical wine. If you’re looking for something stronger, which also happens to have amazing taste along the way, then you can’t go wrong with American craft beer.

 Lower Cost

At first glance, craft beers aren’t less expensive than standard beer. Although there are a lot of cases where you can argue that craft beers do cost less, the main argument is that you’ll consume less beer in order to feel its effects. Instead of drinking four to six beers, with craft beers, you’ll drink two to three, while still have the same effect. If you look at it that way, craft beers are more economical to drink.

american craft beer
source: blog.opentable.com

 Environmentally Friendly

 Craft breweries have always been concerned with ecology, and that shows in their working principles. They work hard to maintain environmentally safe practices, which include composting, offering spent grain to local farmers, as well as using renewable energy. Most craft breweries are concerned with the environment rather than squeezing every last dollar out of their customers. That’s something to celebrate because you’re not only helping out the environment, you’re also supporting excellent beer that you’re going to drink afterwards.

 American craft beers have seen their fair share of popularity in Australia. There might have been some dips here and there, but its popularity has remained pretty much a constant. That’s because there are a lot of reasons to drink American beer in Australia. You won’t ever make a mistake getting American beer.