Why Protein Is Good For Weight Loss

More and more studies have been showing that high protein intake is good for weight loss. To prove that, there are many people who have lost weight fast with the help of a high-protein diet.

Staying on a high-protein diet means you can use either plant-based foods such as legumes, grains, soy and nuts, or animal-based food such as egg, dairy and meat. However, there are also some protein powders that can be easily found at protein powder Australia retailers. They are very convenient diet ingredients as they will help you prepare quick meals and shakes.


If you have been wondering how does protein help in weight loss and why it is so praised, take a look at some of the reasons below.

Protein Satisfies and Saves Calories at the Same Time

Protein is important in the beginning of your weight loss journey because it will help you feel fuller longer. It makes digestion slower which satisfies your need for food for a longer period of time. If this happens over the course of a couple of days, your calorie savings will help you lose weight.

It Curbs Carb Highs and Lows

The biggest problem dieters suffer is when they come off a sugar high onto a sugar low and tend to make food decisions that they regret later. Combining protein with carbohydrates-rich foods decreases the absorption of sugar from your stomach into your bloodstream. This will help you control your blood sugar and avoid cravings.

Protein Takes More of Your Energy

The TEF (thermic effect of food) is the energy you use to digest food into small particles. When compared to fat and carbs, protein has a higher TEF. This means you are actually burning more calories to process protein than to process fat and carbs.

It Fuels Fat Burning

It has been scientifically proven that the body is not able to burn and use fat as energy effectively if it does not have help from either proteins or carbohydrates. When you lose weight, your body loses muscle and fat. During this process, it is very important that you continue to implement enough protein in your diet. The right protein intake fuels fat burning while preserving lean-muscle-calorie-burning.

Protein Enhances Muscle Repair and Growth

Protein needs usually increase after bouts of intense exercise. Hence, increasing your protein intake on days when you exercise is beneficial. In addition, having a snack high in protein right after a training session, can enhance the repairing and growth of your muscles.

To sum up, it is important to understand that just eating more protein will not necessarily help you lose weight. Actually, when consumed in excessive amounts, it can lead to weight gain and even affect the function of the kidneys over a longer period of time. For more information, you can visit a protein powder Australia retailers and find out more about the protein you need. If you prefer, you can also visit protein powder Australia online retailers that have a customer service and more knowledge to help you out.